What is the media?

In modern life it is increasingly possible to hear the acronym «SMI». It can arise when discussing different topics, so everyone should at least roughly understand what is media. What is the decryption of this abbreviation?

what is media

Aviation and other values

The question of what media are very important to aviation and aircraft construction, because this word can be deciphered as airplane beacon pulse.

It is one of the elements of the external lighting equipment. Media mounted on various parts of the structure. It could be a wing, fuselage and tail section. Typically, these lamps are one-sided mirror or halogen lamps. Along with pulse lighthouses are very often used on-Board navigation lights, commonly referred to as BANO. The Russian-made aircraft also used the search and landing lights.

In addition to airborne beacons, abbreviation the media used as names of institutions. However, the Siberian metallurgical Institute was later renamed the state industrial University. Smolenskiy medical Institute, from which too reducing media, in the end went kind of tradition and changed its name to state University.

the pulse beacon

What is the media?

As a rule, if a person wants to know what the media, he is interested in «the media». Sometimes this concept is confusing with «media», but to understand the difference quite easily.

Media is a set of tools and methods that allow you to publicly disseminate a variety of information. According to official documents, the media are:

  • The periodicals published periodically (Newspapers, magazines),
  • Internet news portals and online editions,
  • TV,
  • Radio stations
  • Any form of periodic distribution that has a constant name.


The emergence of media

For the first time this term was used in the Russian language in the seventies of the last century. It was formed from a similar French concept, but in its native country it is a combination of words ceased to be used back in the sixties. Similar allowed to completely displace the abbreviation QMS. However, it is still used in some countries.

In the modern world it is believed that public opinion is formed through media. First, the media was completely unidirectional and is able only to inform, but due to the development of a feedback mechanism, everything changed. The audience began to Express their own opinion, to some extent influencing what you are talking about the media.

In mass media we can identify a number of characteristics. First and foremost, it’s the frequency – if something calls itself a media, it must provide some information at least once a year. Secondly, this information should be spread massively. Thirdly, as a rule, the news coming from one broadcaster a large number of listeners. Thus, the media can include libraries, forums and conferences.

Classification media

Media can be classified according to a wide range of factors. For example, depending on what territory the media covers, they can be transnational (international scale), national, regional and local.

If the portal tells the public, simple things, it is considered that, from the point of view of the audience, it is common. If the resource is focused on a clear theme, which is the specialized media.

There are situations in which the relationship between the media and the legislation is quite complicated. In this case, the isolated quasi-legal (not prohibited or permitted) and illegal media.

Also the classification can be carried out from the point of view of content quality. This is mainly due to the difference between the press, at most, expresses someone’s opinion, and news media.


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