What is a lubricant?

For most people, intimacy is a process, exceptional full satisfaction, however, in some situations, it interferes with the pain. In such moments the question arises, what is the lubricant, because the dryness in the vagina is one of the most common causes of such discomfort.

what is lubricant

This can occur under the influence of various factors. Often men just don’t pay enough attention to the process of sexual excitation of the partner, and sometimes have a site of injury of the mucous membrane. In such situations come to the aid of gels-lubricants.

What is special about lubricants?

Cases when instead of smears in the case are questionable components, not uncommon. For example, women who are not too enlightened in such matters, used to lubricate the various creams and sometimes the course is petroleum jelly or even ordinary soap. Unfortunately, not all understand why the use of such means is impossible.

  • Mucosa easily damaged, and it can happen not only because of the unsuccessful sexual contact. In these organs always maintained an acidic environment – it protects the body from viruses and bacteria. Inappropriate creams and ointments reduce the degree of acidity, allowing harmful microorganisms to develop.
  • As a result of this influence in the genitals can begin inflammation, which is transmitted to the uterus and appendages. As a rule, this leads to endless treatment of thrush and other pathologies.

A special place in this issue is a sexual act in which there is protection by using condoms. Not every man thinks that feelings in this case changed as he and his partner. Only if in the first case, just in pain sensitivity, whereas for women the friction of the latex may result in microtraumas. However, only high-quality lubricant, it is water based, does not react to this material, and therefore can fully cope with its functions.


What is a lubricant?

Obviously, if insufficient lubrication is necessary to use only high quality gels, created especially for sex. They are called lubricants.

In fact, this concept has a broader meaning. A word formed from the Latin lubrico means «to make smooth» or «slippery». Term lubricant you can use about any material, created to reduce friction. However, if the concept of oil is multivalued, then the word «lubricant» is most often used from the point of view of sex.

The correct gels are created on an organic basis, usually in wax. They moisturize the mucosa, protecting it from micro-cracks, reducing pain. Due to the peculiarities of its structure is suitable for all lubricants. Sometimes there are situations when some kind of brand a person has an Allergy, but given the choice, to choose another option easy. As a result, it is believed that such funds do not have contraindications.

Varieties of gels

Faced with the problem of dryness, or merely wanting to guard against possible damage, the person begins to decide which lubricant to choose from the many available. As a rule, to choose the optimum brand is possible by trial and error. To decide what type to use, and really just knowing about the existing varieties.

Gels-lubricants share the Foundation from which they are made, and direction. From the point of view of the composition of the release:

  • Silicone. The longest dry, small enough for a good effect, but as a result of possible stains on the fabrics.
  • Water. Do not come in contact with latex, do not stain things, are cheap, but dry quickly.

Previously had circulated the oil options but now they are almost impossible to find because they strongly affect the latex and almost satisfied with this content.

In order to fully understand what is a gel lubricant, it is important to know about all the existing varieties with the viewpoint orientation. Here are the main options.

  • Provoke stimulating additional blood flow, allowing erection.
  • Spermicide, or so-called birth control prevent unwanted pregnancy, but they need to walk for six hours, and then rinse.
  • Soothing beneficial effect on the mucosa, helping to reduce irritation and heal the cracks.
  • Gels-the extenders are created to continue contact, delaying the time of ejaculation. This is due to reducing the sensitivity of the head.
  • Protective lubricants do not give harmful microorganisms to penetrate. In addition, they protect from physical damage.

There are many manufacturers of such gels, both domestic and foreign. To choose a lubricant suitable for the price, and the type will not be difficult in almost any pharmacy.


Application features

Each package of gel lubricant detail to paint exactly how it should be used. However, there are several guidelines usually apply to specialized types of grease.

For example, if the gel is used as a contraceptive, then they should be abundantly lubricate the vagina for ten minutes before the actual act. After that, he needs to stay inside for six hours.

If lubricant was used to protect from bacteria, it should be applied before and after intimacy, when it is better not to forget about the importance of condoms. Other types of grease usually applied once prior to the immediate need, and then wash off with warm water.

Who should use gel-lubricants?

Many women are sometimes not aware of this, would benefit from the use of such means. Primarily, this affects those who want to protect themselves against micro-cracking and possible infections. In addition, gynecologists often prescribe these moisturizers women who used hormonal contraceptives.

Lack of lubrication develops for different reasons. Often bringing certain medicines, like antidepressants or funds from endometriosis. In addition, the dryness causes chemotherapy and blood pressure meds.

Finally, this process develops gradually over time. The amount of estrogens that are produced by the ovaries decreases with age, what causes them and dryness. It is not uncommon for many women, this is the final sex life, when people moved to sleep in another room. The use of gel-lubricant solves this problem.


Advantages and disadvantages

If these tools are so useful, why not use them? In order to understand this, is to consider the advantages and disadvantages of lubricants.

Their positive side include:

  • Prevent chafing, pain and discomfort during intercourse.
  • Reduce the probability of Allergy to condoms or vibrators.
  • The reduction of friction, moisture bodies facilitate easy penetration.
  • The aromatic component allows you to add a touch of romance.
  • Some gels have actual benefits – including protection against infections or pregnancy, an extension of time act.

However, in lubricants, there are some drawbacks. They are few, but they are still there. First, any such funds reduce the activity of sperm, therefore they should not use wanting to have children.

Second, the individual intolerance of the various components. Usually, the Allergy occurs on parabens. Finally, it is necessary to abandon gels with glycerol as a combination of this substance with aqueous base leads to the development of yeast infection. Thus, if you pay sufficient attention to the composition, the risk of potential safety problems will be reduced to zero.


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