What is the list?

No matter how difficult to learn diverse foreign languages, even your native is very difficult to understand, if we are talking about youth slang. In this environment, words are constantly changing – just coined the term will disappear very soon, and his place will be a new concept. However, some of the terminology is delayed. You should know what the thing is.

what is the list

Do not try to understand the meaning of this word in the dictionary, at least if it is used by young people. «Night and day» is not exactly would mean adding something in the text.

What is the list?

Some believe that this concept appeared approximately during the hippie. Then a group of people often trying to find ourselves a relatively quiet place where they could relax and have fun. Came to the aid of friends ‘ apartments or a complete stranger. There were those who did not have almost any funds.

So, what is the list? Today, this word has several meanings. First, you should consider new interpretations, and then to elaborate on the key value.

  • The list can be a certain place in the city where hitchhiking or other budgetary method may stay for free. In turn, those who lived, therefore, obliged to give their homes to other travelers.
  • The same word can be called a simple sleepover at a friend’s.
  • Kind of a long overnight, that is visiting for several days, is also considered a list.
  • This concept may not have a relation to the housing. It is used in relation to free entry to the concert with friends and relations.

Options thing

Consequently, the key meaning of the word «thing» is a loud party, often accompanied by copious amounts of alcohol in a society of unfamiliar people. Of course, this is not always the case. There are other options.

  • For example, the list can occur is not for drinking, but for the sake of discussion interests, but this is rather uncommon. Sometimes people come to the apartment in connection with addiction to a certain type of music.
  • Often in the home of a stranger together strangers.
  • Some people prefer to have parties on the type of «submarine». That is, gathering together a group of friends, but they all night don’t have to leave the shelter, and it is also prohibited to use electrical appliances.
  • Sometimes the purpose of the stay is to gather as many people as possible. The resulting flea market called Hustle.


Why stay and how to get them?

People attend these events for various reasons. Some people like strangers, for them it is a way to start an open relationship. Others just do not care with whom to spend time, if there is alcohol and merriment.

To find a really good host, usually tnly with the help of friendswho have the number of a trusted person. However, luck can turn in the social network Vkontakte. Find groups where people offer stay easy. It’s hard just to choose the most appropriate and safe option.


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