What is life?

«My life!», — familiar words of the famous Comedy. And rarely had to think, and what is life? And why is the movie so the king indignantly reacted to these words?

What does the word life?

Dictionaries interpret the meaning of the word as the story of the life, the life, but not necessarily a Holy man. Not always a man already canonized. Most importantly, it needs to be considered faithful Christians as a Saint.

what is life

For many centuries the Church was the main ideology of many States. As you know, any ideology is based on the formation of lifestyle and Outlook of the person. Of course, this process is inseparable from the preservation of history, the exaltation of the heroes. Therefore, the lives of saints began to appear almost immediately after the establishment of ecclesiastical authority.

The objectives and goals of life

Priority of life was not just a description of the life of the Saint. After all, the Holy man began to be referred to the merits before God and people. So, his life — definitely a hero’s journey. Therefore, in his biography particular emphasis on his exploits. Moreover, they were described solely in praising the key, so that the reader was encouraged by his acts and, of course, wanted to get near himself to charitable works.

the emergence of life

Of course, the story itself is based on certain principle. After all, what does the word life in the original sense? Still comes from the word life. And thus the story began from the birth of the Saint, and often from the lives of his parents and ancestors, and ended his repose a continuation of the heavenly life, the veneration of his Church, the creation of his posthumous miracles. And in the course of its earthly journey just described all paints his exploits created by wonders grandeur.

Could also describe the lives of people who have not done anything heroic, but who have become saints through the wonders created by him after his death.

What is the life in literature?

Over time life, as ecclesiastical literature gradually began to degenerate into an independent literary genre. Of course, at first, all these works were the property of the Church was written by clergymen.

the definition of life

But there were some reasons that even at the dawn of the emergence of this genre has brought him to high literature:

  • Detailed narrative associated single plot, certain canons of writing essays.
  • High style of narration, a thorough study of history and its reflection in the essay.
  • The professionalism of the author in creating not just a historical description, but this works.
  • Storing handwritten biographies, reissue them in the future and placing them in the form of books.

All of these features and became the starting point is that of the life soon enough become independent works of art. They paid great attention not only to deeds, but also describe his righteous life, worthy of reflection in literature and history.

Thus, the genre of hagiography was the historical and biographical epic, reflects not only an individual life but also the time in which he lived. Colorfully described the geographical and historical details of the era of the life of the hero. Therefore, many works have become important documents for research and study of the past.

Signs of hagiography as a literary genre

The first sign of the existence of hagiography as literature is the fact that the story was about real living person. It was mandatory strict adherence to biographical and historical facts.

the emergence of life

But with its emphasis on the goodness of life, for which the Lord granted him magical power. That is, the story itself was intended to serve as guidance to believers and especially unbelievers, so that they could see before him a worthy example of service to God and to people. This is the second sign of the independence of the genre — ideological underpinnings of the work.

And one more — the style of the work and its language. All life was written in exalted tones to raise a hero in the eyes of the reader. Hence many high praise, enthusiastic words and expressions. And of course the narrative was full of ecclesiastical and biblical language, the references to the old Testament, New Testament, Church canons.

So, we can summarize that such a life. This is genre of ancient literature that describes the earth’s path is now numbered among the Holy people. And it’s not folk art, but a conscious creation of highly artistic works on religious themes with a biography of the Christian saints.

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