What is the Internet?

Daily Internet meet thousands of people. Today it is difficult to find a person who never in life did not face him. But not all are able to explain what the Internet is.

Internet user

What the Internet is and how he came

The Internet called United in uniform system of a computer network. Its development started in 1957 in America. As a result, they create a network of linked computers, which gave the opportunity to exchange information.

At the beginning of this catch consisted of only a few computers located in the same room. Over time, the network developed and began to grow within the building, then the city Derossi to the size of the whole country. In just 15 years, the network began to have an international dimension, combining computer scientists from around the world. Officially, the Internet was born in 1973 when, thanks to the transatlantic telephone cable to the network were able to connect organizations of Norway and the UK.

what is the Internet

Since then it has been more than 40 years and during that time, the Internet has undergone a number of changes. Today to connect to it possible from anywhere in the world.

The world wide web

You can often find the phrase «world wide web», which is called the Internet. In fact, the so decrypted symbols WWW full value which the World Wide Web.

Web pages are hypertext documents. If they are United by a common design theme, and located on a single web server, they have the name of the web site. To view them using special programs called browsers.

Every day, hundreds of new sites. And data in the Internet are transmitted with incredible speed. We can say that the modern Internet is a limitless space where all that can interest any person.

the world wide web

What is the modern Internet

Whenever the word «Internet», each of us means something different. Analyzing the motives that make people a significant part of their time to devote to the network, it is possible to allocate the basic directions of its use:

how to use the Internet

  1. Communication. In order to find friends, acquaintances and associates have created numerous social networks and forums. To explore and search the second halves designed Dating sites. Close communication is possible via Skype or ICQ. And most importantly, thanks to the Internet, perhaps meet and communicate with people in every corner of the world.
  2. Entertainment. The Internet provides endless opportunities for watching movies, reading books, listening music, passing tests, etc., have become Very popular online games.
  3. Self. That no matter how the Internet can be called the best source for obtaining necessary information. Many are used for their development and education – read articles, view video tutorials, go through various trainings and academic courses.
  4. Creativity and personal growth. Just go to cooking sites or blogs of knitters, as we have the desire and motivation to work independently. Many of the bloggers I found and now draw their inspiration from the network.
  5. Purchase and financial transactions. Agree, what could be more convenient than online shopping when, without leaving home, you can purchase everything you need. To pay for your purchase too. This has established a different payment system.
  6. Earnings. The availability of the Internet provides wide opportunities for earnings. You can create your own blog, or themed website, open an online store or freelance. Today are available many exchanges for freelancers, where you can earn by writing, inventing slogans, editing photos, doing programming or web design.
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