What is the index?

What is the index? At first glance, it seems that everything is very simple, especially if one often deals with mail and various forwarders. However, if you delve into the question, it would appear that the word has many meanings, most of which are quite difficult to understand.

what is the index


Often people asks what is the index when it is interested in the meaning of those letters and numbers that you need to specify on envelopes and parcels.

This combination of characters is used order to ease the process of sorting the correspondence, especially if it is in automatic mode. If we turn to the legislation, with it you can see that this index is a symbol to a specific address.

When this concept just appeared, and it happened in the thirties of the last century, the index looked like a number, a letter and another number. The letter indicates the country, the first digit is a city and the second district.

The image zip has changed during the Second world war, then again in 1971.

Today in Russia used a six-digit system where the first three digits are the area code and next three the number of the post office. The situation is somewhat different in large towns, where there are several codes of the city. A vivid example is Moscow. Also in Kazakhstan uses a seven-digit system that identifies the region, specific area and structure.


What is the index?

In addition to the postcode, the word can mean a lot of other concepts.

  • The index is a separate database object. It is used in order to improve the performance of the search process.
  • A similar concept is the search index. This word indicates a specific data structure that store information on various documents. This term is used in relation to the sites to Internet search engines, like Google and Yandex. After indexing (search index) sites, and depending on various factors, are allocated in sequence in the results for search queries.
  • The concept Index can be related to the human body. There is a term body mass Index BMI. This ratio of weight and growth of the individual. This value is used if necessary to clarify the complexion of the person. Thus it is possible to know the weight in the normal range.
  • The word index is actively used in the mathematical field. There are such things as index of quadratic forms, index Nesterova operator, cyclic index and many other terms.
  • Its meaning this word has in the field of programming. There the index is an element that points to another specific element of the array data.

The index is also a word used in many highly specialized concepts like the index of forbidden books, or index of car numbers. There is even such an interesting phrase Index like the big Mac, which is the essence of the definition of purchasing power.

mass index body

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