What is the horizon?

Say the word «horizon» comes in only one basic meaning of the word. There is a pleasant feeling and memories of beautiful paintings.

Looking into the distance, the view is facing the line called the horizon. To answer the question, what is the horizon can be very simple. The horizon is the apparent place where the sky touches the earth or water. The horizon is called all that can be seen around. In fact, the horizon is the visible surface of the earth around us. And the place where the sky converges with the ground or water surface is called a horizon line.

What is the horizon

While on a level space, you can look away from themselves in different directions at a distance of about two to three meters. If we are to rise above, and line of sight will increase and the horizon expand. Horizon impossible to reach, constantly trying to approach her, she will be removed.

The horizon is distinguished by the four directions: North, South, West and East. Also do not forget the North-East, South-West, South-East and North-West part of the horizon is the intermediate value. Correctly identify the part of the horizon on any terrain this means to navigate in space. In the city and in the forest quite difficult to determine the part of the horizon, as the visible surface of the gathering of the earth with the sky closed in one case by buildings and other trees.

The presence of the horizon proves the circumference of the globe, as to the edges of the line slightly rounded.

How to determine the part of the horizon

In order to navigate the terrain necessary to correctly determine the part of the horizon.

When the sun is located in the South side of the sky, it is noon. The shadows are falling in the North side. His face turned to the North, behind you will be South. On the right is East and left is West. Let’s look at how to determine the horizon?

  • A clear day – the Sun and the direction of the Meridian line from the watch.
  • At night – the North star. She’s always over the North pole.
  • Cloudy weather – rely on terrain.

looks like the horizon

In order to better navigate the terrain people created a compass. The compass is quite simple. Dial indicating the direction of North, South, East and West. In the centre is fastened a steel magnetized arrow that always points North. After using the compass determined the North to determine the other side will be easier.

The mental horizon

The horizon of each person, and therefore it is called imaginary. It all depends on the position the person is trying to see the horizon: sits, stands, is at some elevation. The horizon is always at the level of the human eye and directly depends on what position the person is. So for the person, rose on the rise: the top, the last floor of a residential building – the horizon will be seen farther than the one who decided to sit down on the ground. Upon detection of its own horizon subsequently, it is natural that an object that is below the horizon, seen from above, and the object that is above the horizon, seen from below.

If the observation of any horizontal lines, if you uninstall or approaching these lines or go up to the horizon, or fall to it, but never cross the horizon.

How to determine the visible horizon

To determine the visible horizon to need a glass of water.

How to determine the visible horizon

A glass filled to the brim with water, is raised to eye level, so that the water in the glass merged with the edges of the glass. This will be the visible horizon in this case.

Each artist in his paintings uses the horizon of independence, as shown in the picture. Beyond the horizon takes a certain line or point, and based on her subsequent objects are placed or the top, if they are above this location, or below.

Horizon in the paintings adds to the proportionality of objects and shapes, thereby aligning their perception.

Also the horizon used by photographers to make pictures of special intricacy. Mainly used the concept littered the horizon. In this form the pictures is too tilted to one side, as if during the shooting the photographer or the camera fell.

In fact, the meaning of the word horizon is much greater and this concept has spread widely and finds a place in almost every sphere of activity.

Horizon in philosophy

In philosophy, the horizon has two sides relative to one object: internal and external. The outer side shows the object relation with the world. The inner side indicates interaction with any specific object or subject. Inner and outer event horizons depending on the situation, may intersect. The correlation of the external and internal horizon allows to perform the constructive potential of action. The main purpose of the analysis of the integration of all potentially possible design solutions.

features of the horizon

The horizon of expectations

Such a term can be used in the literature. The reader, seeing the book and its title, as well as a review or a description of what the book expects a certain story or event, customizable to any thoughts and feelings. After reading the works of emerging consensus on it. And then compares the actual feeling from reading the first impression – horizon expectations.

The horizon of expectations for authors that readers and critics.

The discrepancy between the horizon of expectation read literary work written causes confusion and can lead to loss of interest in work.

The main task of the sublime literature is to improve the quality and level of horizon of expectations. Necessary to expand the spectrum of emotions and feelings of the reader.

Horizon and investment

The horizon for investment is a certain amount of time, typically strictly limited, for which you need to achieve a certain result:

  • profit;
  • the effectiveness of investments;
  • the justification of investments;
  • the accumulation of a certain amount.

Horizon and investment

The investment horizon for each of their own and by different ways. The basis of investment horizon is:

  • a specific goal, without any deviations and reservations;
  • strictly the prescribed period;
  • analysis of ways of achieving the goal;
  • the calculation of risks and evaluation of the feasibility of this venture.

Horizon has another meaning. In soil science the meaning of the word used to describe the soil layers and to determine the age of layers of any breed. A soil horizon is a vertical cut deep into the earth’s crust. The basis of the study is what formed the ground for a certain time. In the study of soils is determined by the composition and age of the soil.

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