What is the homunculus and what it looks like?

Modern scientists are ready for any extreme, only to discover to the world something new and unusual. Often in modern life we can meet such a thing as a homunculus. Many wonder what a homunculus, how it happened, and why he pays so much attention.

What is homunculus

To understand what this thing is, you need to dig a little deeper into the story and consider a lot of information in books and on the lands of historical sites. In our article, we present useful information on the creatures to make you understand what it is.

According to Wikipedia

Says the biggest search engine of our time, a homunculus is a creature that is born by artificial means. It held certain manipulations of a medieval alchemist Paracelsus. He was convinced 100% that in order to came to light the little creature, quite common in human sperm, which will be some time to be in a warm room. In this case the role of the «greenhouse» played horse manure, which retains heat well.

The sequence of actions of the alchemist

  • Men’s seed went into a glass flask, after which it is well sealed and sent in horse manure up to approximately 10 days.
  • During this time, sperm from manure pulled out, throughout the session «magnetization». The details of this manipulation is not, Paracelsus chose to keep it a secret from the world. In this period, the homunculus was transparent, the outline could be seen inside the bulb.
  • As soon as the process of «magnetization», you can move on to opening the vessels, starting the feeding of homunculus. His food was human blood, he needed the temperature, which is present in the womb.
  • The process of feeding this creature took up to 40 days, at that time it had a body length 30-32 cm. by Pulling it out of the tube, the homunculus could live near his master, who could teach and raise a child. Also it was believed that a creature endowed with supernatural knowledge, it could open all the secrets of the universe.

Being a homunculus

Over time scientists came to the idea that the homunculus is in the sperm, and as soon as he enters the womb of a woman, then immediately develops into an embryo of an ordinary child. In confirmation of this there are many historical pictures.

This article told how to raise a homunculus with his own hands, but modern scientists do not recommend to repeat these experiments of Paracelsus.

Video How to grow a homunculus

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