What is the grammatical basis?

What rules does not have to learn in school the lessons of the Russian language. A lot of questions at first seem somewhat complicated, they can be tricky to understand yourself. For example, what is the grammatical basis? How to find it and how to highlight?

what is the grammatical basis

Sentence structure

From words you can make a variety of proposals. When they are linked together in content and in its form, it turns out a certain sentence structure. In its review and there can be a question, what is the grammatical basis?

In order to deal with this, it is necessary to consider two other terms. The first subject, the second predicate.

Therefore, the subject is the main part of the sentence, it refers to a certain object. In order to understand which word in the phrase is the subject, you need to think about what is in question here? Who is a key figure in the proposal? This word must answer the question «who?» or «what?».

For example, Peter bought apples. Of whom is this sentence? About Pete, but the subject is Apple. Need to see which questions can be put to words. By the way Pete you can put a question «Who bought it?». It means that he is subject to. If you want to parse the sentence word Peter need to emphasize one feature.

boy with Apple

The predicate

With be understood, and what is the predicate? This word is also is the main part of the sentence, and it is inextricably linked with the subject. The predicate will denote some action that made subject.

There are quite simple options in which to allocate the main members of the easy. For example, consider the same phrase.

Peter bought apples. What action made the subject? Peter bought it, so the word «buy» and a predicate.

Often, the predicate consists of one word, but two, and sometimes three. Also, it will not necessarily be the verb – they can become communion. However, to cope with compound and complicated predicate is still possible using the questions «what doing?» or «what’s happening to him?». To allocate this part of the sentence you need two traits.

the boy buys

Grammatical framework – what is it?

So, what is the grammatical basis? Now that it is clear what is subject and predicate, to understand this question is not difficult. Grammatical framework is a schema that includes both the main part of the sentence, though there are variants when there is only one of them.

It is the finding of grammatical framework is beginning work on the syntactic analysis of any sentence. Depending on the presence of the main members, there are several types.

The first is a one sentence. There is only one member, who may be a subject and a predicate.

The second option is a two-part, in which there is both main words, at least in some form.

There are types describing multiple actors, do things. Then the proposal will be called complex. It can be complex or compound.

If the phrase is nothing but the main parts of the sentence, it will be considered unexpanded. If any other words are present, it is a common suggestion.


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