What is the folklore?

Often the word folklore to understand a literary work, once upon a time created by the people. In fact this may not be strictly defined. What is the folklore? It’s a huge variety of different creativity generated by relatively ordinary people.

what is the folklore

What is the folklore?

The first works that can be attributed to this genre, appeared in ancient times. It folklore is the very basis of all culture, because of it there are a variety of traditions.

Folklore is a collective creativity. It evolved through oral transmission of information from one person to another. Such works directly reflected the life of people, their thoughts and ideas. Thus was created a variety of poems, folk songs and ditties. To include folklore and music pieces in various genres, even dance, and visual arts. All this created in ancient times, simple villagers, called folklore.

Types of folklore

Songs, ditties and stories, orally-generated people, often based on fairly simple elements of their life, they were often related to their daily work or specific events. Depending on this, these works are divided into certain types.

  • Calendar folklore.

Various songs and dances have appeared at every significant days of the calendar. People come up with poems on Christmas or Epiphany, when celebrating Easter or carnival. Created various elements of worship. With their help, farmers want to attract good luck, take care of the welfare and the increase of cattle, and of course for a good harvest.

  • Wedding folklore.

A large amount of oral tradition associated with this event. People have composed numerous songs, Jingles and specials. During the celebration often sing the lamentations, is called to mourn the single life.

  • Non-folklore

This classification is rather ambiguous, and some people call this section a child or small folklore genres.

Anyway, this group includes all Proverbs, which continues to use and modern man.

What we don’t look in the broken mirror, we’re not where went the cat is black or try not to spill salt is also a folklore. Signs are a part of this group.

Rifmovannyy a variety of, often funny phrase, too, is part of the genre. These include sayings, rhymes and tongue twisters.


Oral prose

A huge part of the folklore is diverse stories. Legends about the mystical heroes and monsters, epics that tell about real events – all of this answers the question what is the folklore.

Finally, to the same genre include works created for children. It can be as songs for motion sickness, and various poems, sayings and riddles.

list of folk inspection of road safety

Great works

Folklore is not only short stories, poems, or short phrases. This word can be understood and large works, most of which are still taught in schools. For example, the well-known song, the epic, which tells about the various events. Students typically learn «a Song about prophetic Oleg».

But there are more simple works – namely, all your favorite tales. The story of how good triumphs over evil, as before listen to the children from their parents. Do not forget humanity and about the different ballads, anecdotes and ditties.

folklore Cuzco

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