The Feast Of The Exaltation Of The Holy Cross

Orthodox people follow religious holidays that are listed in the Church calendars and so revered by the Church. What is the feast of the exaltation of the cross, and what are the traditions of celebrating, consider the following.

The Exaltation Of The Holy Cross

The history of the holiday

In the year 326 in Jerusalem purchased the Cross. It happened near Golgotha – the hill on which the crucifixion of the Lord.

The story of the great feast begins in the same year, when it produced the sacred tree. First, the feast of the exaltation of the Holy cross was celebrated the day after Easter. It is based on the fact that the Cross was found on the eve of Easter.

13 September 335, was held on lighting of the Church of the Resurrection, the celebration was postponed to the next day and was celebrated the exaltation of the cross September 14. The consecration is made by the Council of bishops, arrived from different places of the Roman Empire. Thanks to this event the feast of the exaltation of the cross spread among all Christians.

Unlike the days when crucifixion was considered a disgrace in our time the Cross is a symbol of hope and reverence. People are happy to have the opportunity of fellowship with the Lord through the cross.

A holiday in our time

The exaltation of the cross history

The exaltation of the Holy cross, which means the holiday? It is a holiday dedicated to the memory of the finding of the cross and its construction. Nowadays, it is celebrated on September 27. It is a holiday equal to 2 of the most outstanding events of the history of Christianity, so believers celebrate the weekend before the exaltation of the cross special. Not all traditions, superstitions and customs associated with the celebration reached our days, as modern life is very different from the lives of our ancestors.

Many of the signs still respected believers. Consider some of them:

  • Very important tradition is fasting. Those who manage to survive and not to eat forbidden foods, such as meat or eggs, fish or milk can be cleansed from your sins and start a new life, full of successes and happy moments.
  • Another sign dedicated to girls who dream about starting a family. Single girls must read 7 times spells. This procedure helps to find the beauty, attractiveness and attractiveness in the eyes of her husband, chosen a beauty. The observance of this custom Krestovozdvizhenie will help girls to achieve during the celebration.
  • To protect yourself from troubles and bitter evils will help the procession. It occurs annually on the day of the feast of the exaltation of the cross. Christian believers evade their fields, holding icons in their hands and pray that the next harvest will be rich and happy.
  • On this day people pray to Lord and ask for healing, and healing all the sick relatives and neighbors.
  • There is another Church rite, which helps rid the house of negative energy. On the day of the exaltation of the Holy cross you need to pick up 3 candles, new in the Church and put them in a small bowl. To spray the apartment with Holy water, crossing over each area. During spraying, do not forget to read the prayer, known by heart. The most common and available to all people is, «our father…».
  • One of the terrible practices is the following. The feast day is not a walk in the woods. It is considered that on this day the devil comes to the forest to list all the wild animals, and the one who will witness this event, can’t find my way home.
  • It is believed that on September 27 it is not necessary to plan or start them, they will fail and will be destroyed.
  • Before it was decided to put the TIC or a self-made crosses made from Rowan twigs in the manger for the cattle. The peasants drew crosses on the doors in the house.
  • To harvest the cabbage has not changed turnips, before the screening of cabbage, you need to hold the seeds. There is also a belief that it is impossible to sow cabbage on Thursday, otherwise it will be tasteless and not fit to eat.
  • Exaltation of the Holy cross – September 27 is the starting point from which start all the fun holidays young people are referred to as skits. Before the girl wore the most beautiful suits and dresses and went home to cut the cabbage. During the adventure they sang joyful songs and eating tasty treats owners.
  • It is believed that September 27 marks the change of weather when autumn is replaced by winter, so on this day, all the birds fly South. If a believer has time to make a wish, looking at a flock of birds, it definitely will happen in the future.
  • The feast day is very important to clean up the house. Cleaning will help to expel evil forces and rid the house of negative energy and damage.

when celebrating the exaltation of the cross

How many days lasts the celebration

The main feast day – September 27, but decided to celebrate the exaltation of the Holy cross during the week.

First there is one or several days before the holiday, during which the services were carried out with the prayers dedicated to the upcoming holiday. The same days there after the holidays. Ends with the celebration of October 4 is last day when there is the return. This day is marked by special more solemn and long service.

How many days lasts the celebration

When Roman pagans made every effort to destroy all sorts of memories of places where he was crucified, and later resurrected Savior of all men. Fortunately, today the exaltation of the cross is one of the most important and revered holidays, which is celebrated by Orthodox churches. Every Church this day is beginning the morning’s solemn service. And people come to the temples to pray and seek the icon of the exaltation. This miraculous icon helps all people, with sincere prayers turn to her for help. It helps in healing joints and bones, helps to get rid of migraines and pain in the teeth, cures incurable diseases and gives a possibility of conception to desperate childless women.

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