What is enterprise organization?

For beginners its is difficult to understand with a breakdown of the details of other organizations. They are often used in work and necessarily present at every contract or agreement, so to understand what the enterprise of the organization is vital.

OKPO is an acronym and it literally sounds like a Russian national classifier of businesses and organizations. The purpose of this code is to reduce the time to exercise control over the activities of all enterprises in the country. It is located in the registry of Rosstat.

What is enterprise organization?

What is OKPO?

If you look — OKPO is a combination of numbers 8 to 10, which means the number of the company or entrepreneur, the state Department. The last digit is a check digit.

For entrepreneurs with the status of the individual, the code will contain 10 digits, for legal entities only eight. He is assigned at the moment of entering information about registering a new company in the database tax service, and you can find it in the primary documents or obtained statements from a Single base.

What came up OKPO?

The main objective of the code is to simplify the collection of information about the objects that carry out economic activities, consistent control over this process. There are several basic goals with which each registered company is assigned OKPO:

  • The creation of a unified state information resource that contains everything needed to control the information on enterprises and individual entrepreneurs.
  • Organization of effective communication between the various departments, with more rapid information exchange and data availability.
  • The creation of the territory of the country of a single information field.
  • Automation and time reduction for data processing in various departments and services.
  • Registration statistics and simplify processing and reporting.
  • Effective and complete systematization of statistical data on unified classification criteria.
  • The simplification of obtaining data for forecasting of development of social and economic indicators in a country in a given period.
  • Improving the organization of statistical accounting.

Today, enterprise copes with the tasks, greatly simplifies the work with data and the daily updated information in all public services vast country.

What is the number OKPO?

What is the number OKPO?

It should be understood that the assigned code is not a random set of characters and it is easy to decipher. The first 4 numbers can tell you what type of activities does business usually they are divided into:

  • Control and documentation.
  • The national economy.
  • The products of labor and production activity.
  • Natural and human resources.

Part of the code represents the sequence number of the final. As mentioned earlier, it is control. It developed a special technique and sequence by which it is provided, according to the Rules of standardization.

You should pay attention to the fact that two identical codes do not exist and an exception may be the case when the company ceased operations, and its code for several years, was reassigned to another business entity, but to understand the confusion is not difficult, if we compare the identification number.

OKPO designation

Where can I find details?

Since the sequence number is assigned to the enterprise during the registration process, learn OKPO possible after obtaining the primary documents and extract from the Unified register of legal entities (EGRUL) or Unified state register of individual entrepreneurs (egrip).

If you want to know the details of the other entity (e.g., partner), you may submit a written request to the statistics authorities, or by contacting the tax office. As a rule, such information is paid, but only if you need certified by a tax authority document with the corresponding code. This will require a photo ID and provide the identification number of the organization. The response is sent to the specified address by registered mail during the working week or it can get directly to the applicant.

On the official website of the Federal tax service have a database of details of all registered enterprises, access to which is open. Be careful because on the Internet there are unofficial sources that provide the information requested may require a fee. On the official website for free.

Do I need to OKPO-face with the PI?

Many businesses that operate in the framework of the SP, do not use OKPO in work, and in completing various reports and declarations they are allowed to put a dash. Therefore colliding in exceptional cases, with the need for its provision, may give the impression that this type of business entity it is not assigned, but it is not.


As in the case of a legal entity, individual entrepreneur can find the number of enterprise in the initial documentation, which is issued by the tax authority during the registration or order an extract from egrip. This requisite requires statistical authorities, so there is no need to ask for definition or change of this room is not necessary, everything is done automatically and free of charge.

Change of enterprise occurs only if the enterprise changes the status or form of ownership. The procedure is performed the office which he assigns – Rosstat. Usually this is done after submitting all required statements to the tax authority. The change notification may not come to the room with the documents on change of ownership, looking at a section of the certificate of incorporation.

As you can see, enterprise is a requisite which performs important tasks to facilitate the work of the enterprise, at the time of reporting. Although it is needed by and large by the departments to automate the data structuring and processing them, actors use them to check partners and work with them.

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