What is the difference between numbers in mathematics?

For many, the exact Sciences, like mathematics, are perceived as more simple than the areas of reasoning, allow for greater variability. However, all items have its difficulties, including technical. Students may wonder, what is the difference between numbers in mathematics?


what is the difference between numbers in mathematics


In order to understand the difference, you need to understand some mathematical terminology. First and foremost, you need to find out what is subtraction.

Another way this concept is called reduction, and for that name to understand the meaning of process is somewhat easier. At its core, subtraction is one of the mathematical operations. What is this operation? As a rule, beneath them understand certain arithmetic or logical actions. A logical question arises – what are arithmetic operations?

The notion of arithmetic appeared for a long time. It originated in the ancient Greek language, which was translated as «number». Today it is a branch of mathematics that studies numbers, their relationship to each other, as well as properties.

Consequently, the subtraction – is operations with numbers that are binary. The essence of the binary operations is that they use two arguments (parameters) and produces one result.

operations with numbers

What is the difference between numbers in mathematics?

When it becomes clear what is subtraction, to understand the difference quite easily. This word denotes the result of subtraction. The number that turned out at the end of these mathematical operations is the answer to the question, what is the difference.

It is necessary to consider how to find the difference of the number. First and foremost, needs two arguments, i.e. two numbers. Then, you should decrease the value of the first number by the second value. When this operation is expressed in writing, use the minus sign. It looks like this: a – b = C, where a is the first number, b second, and the difference between the numbers.

Properties and characteristics

As a rule, pupils have much more trouble with subtraction than with the Assembly. Partly this is due to the properties of these mathematical operations. We all know that from change of places composed the sum does not change. Subtraction is much more difficult. If you change the numbers in some places, you get a very different result. A similar property in the addition and the decrease is that the zero element does not change the original number.

In the subtraction are all relatively simple, if the first number is greater than the second, but the school will be seen opposite examples. In this case, there is the concept of negative numbers.

For example, if you subtract 5, the number 2, all easy. 5-2=3 thus the difference in the number will be 3. However, what if you need to calculate how much is two minus five?

In terms of 2-5 difference will go to the minus, i.e., negative value. Two can easily subtract the two, having thus zero, but five, there are still three. Thus, the result of this expression will be negative the number three. That is, 2-5=-3.

negative numbers

Features subtracting negative numbers

Also, there are situations where the second number, in fact, less than the first, however, is negative. For example, consider the expression 7-(-4). The easiest way to deal with this operation by combining the transformation(- plus. The characters even resemble it. In this regard, the result of the expression, that is, the difference of the numbers is 11.

If both numbers are negative, the subtraction will occur in the following way.

-6-(-7): minus the first number will remain the same and the combination of the following two minuses become a plus. Thus, it is necessary to understand how much will be -6+7. The difference is not hard to find – it is equal to one.

If you must subtract a positive number from a negative, the expression can be represented as a simple addition, and then sign to minus. For example, -3-4 (4 is positive), the result will give -7.

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