What is the current crossfit?

Due to the development of modern sport that everyone strives for perfection and works over his body. Probably, for this work deserves great admiration and attention. Modern athletes are ready to give their all in the sport work to achieve certain results. In this regard, those outside the sport, may wonder, what is crossfit and what are its features? Let’s deal with this direction and answer all your questions.

What is crossfit

The concept of crossfit

Crossfit is a high intensity workout for all muscle groups, which include the constant change of exercises and muscle groups.

Crossfit includes the following elements:

  • Fitness.
  • Powerlifting.
  • Bodybuilding.
  • Weightlifting.
  • Classic gymnastics.

As we can see, crossfit is a broad concept, in its composition we find very different elements of the sport, so the result is a good effect.

The aim of the exercise:

  • To improve and strengthen the muscle corset.
  • Contribute to the fruitful work of the heart muscle.
  • The development of physical qualities.
  • Strengthening the respiratory system.
  • Adaptation to stress.

Features of crossfit

One workout of crossfit can simultaneously include elements of different sports and be perceived by the body quite adequately. It is noticed that at the time of doing crossfit spent a lot more calories and energy than when doing individual sports.

Limitations in training not if you have General physical condition suitable to the loads, then crossfit is the best option. After one workout, you will spend much more calories than after a few workouts individual sports. It is due to such high energy costs crossfit, and today enjoys great popularity among athletes.

The rules and principles of training

Trained athletes who spend their lives in sports, can take on crossfit 12 classes a week, practicing morning and evening, getting twice a positive result. Usually classes in the morning focused on strength training, and in the evening the emphasis is on swimming, running and Cycling, that is, is cardio.

As with any training, classes begin with a full warm up which should last for at least 10 minutes.

Basic rules in training include the following:

  • The maximum intensity at the time of the classes.
  • Minimal rest between sets and exercises.
  • As often as possible to train, and less rest.
  • Each class has new directions in loads.

Rules of crossfit

True connoisseurs of crossfit, in addition to train at home when not attending the gym. For beginners it will be enough for 3-4 workouts a week, gradually increasing the load and time of exercise. In an hour a week, added another training day, monitoring their General condition.

The benefits of crossfit

Crossfit, like many other areas in sport has a very positive effect on the body. Regularly doing crossfit, you will notice the following benefits:

  • Quick body transformation. Your muscles will become toned, supple and slender. You can quickly get rid of extra pounds.
  • The development of willpower. To do crossfit is not possible, if you have no desire to live in the sport. After a month of regular training you will develop the habit and love of the sport, you control your willpower.
  • Incredible athletic performance.
  • No restrictions in age.
  • The ability to combine exercises.
  • Classes at the same time different sports.

a'na koryst of crossfit

Today crossfit has a lot of fans and because he really gives great performance.

Exercises for crossfit

Without shells to do crossfit you will not succeed, that is why you should definitely go to the gym, in which there are the necessary conditions for training. Among the common exercises include:

  • Explosive squats. Performed according to the standard scheme, but differ only in the fact that at the time of lifting, you should not just straighten your legs, but also possible to blow them up.
  • The leg lifts on the bar. Hang on the bar and pull feet to the stomach.
  • A quick pull. Are quick jerks, one approach at least 15 repetitions.
  • Explosive push-UPS. Regular sit-UPS with punches while lowering.

Right for crossfit

That’s all these seemingly simple exercises will help you strengthen your health and to develop all the physical characteristics. Exercise improve your body, it only depends on us, not only the level and quality of our health, but also appearance. Sign up to coach and conduct the first training session under the supervision, because that’s what crossfit is one of the most traumatic sports that are impossible to perform safely, not knowing proper technique.


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