What is the cake?

Modern youth slang is extremely difficult to understand, especially when it is formed and distributed in the Internet environment. New words constantly appear very quickly pouring to the masses. Some of them can be understood on an intuitive level. For example, what is the cake?

What is the cake?

The word «cake» existed and was actively used by youth in the Internet environment. First, know the name. It belongs, for example, Friedrich Vingelma known researcher in the field of graphical statics. In the late nineteenth century lived Charles Keck, American sculptor.

There is still a few other values. For example, the cake – layer of solid particles remaining in the filtering result of the suspensions. Also this word is the organization in Japan, which is studying high-energy physics and astronomical Observatory in the United States. Finally, the Egyptian God of darkness cook, depicted as a frog, otherwise may be referred to as a KEK or KEK.

cake cook

The meaning of KEK

The scope of the word «cake» began to spread through the network StarCraft fans. At first it began to be used of Asian players, who thus showed laughter. They wrote in the chat «kekeke», which resembles the usual «heh». Due to this, the word soon spread in different countries, including Russian.

To understand what a cake is much easier if you understand with the word lol. These two concepts are very similar, differs only in some extent, their colour. Lol or lol is an abbreviation of the phrase laughing out loud, although some are based on the phrase «lots of laughs». Whatever it was, lol always means laughter, and in large enough quantities. What does the cake?

Keck is also a laugh, but on a much smaller scale and with a different character. Usually it’s something sarcastic, a kind of mockery, although, of course, the word often simply replaces lol and copies its meaning.


Use and change

On the spread of the use of the word KEK influenced by other games. For example, one of them is the famous Warcraft. The fact is that when the player who chose as a character Orc, wrote the word «lol» representative of the Alliance, it functioned in the form kek.

There is another reason for the rapid spread of the word. Hand in hand with the use of lol is the word lulz, LULE or LULZ in Russian. If you write it with the changed layout, it will again kek. This once again contributed to the fact that the word caught on, because it is often interfered with Punto Switcher.

For many, the words KEK and lol are absolute synonyms and do not have much difference in use, except that the first has a bit more weak emotional color. However, as with any slang expression, they do not have (and cannot have) any clear rules and exceptions to them. Thus, young people have the right to use that word as you like and give them any kind of laugh, and some sad smile, represents the hopelessness and humility of her.

Keck and Shrek

Interestingly, if you type the word in the image search, you can get a huge number of pictures with the famous Shrek. The distribution of this fact, albeit poorly, but due to the way the word lol appear in the game in Warcraft. Since kek out in that case lol wrote the Orc, this term was used for the Shrek – after all he is the Orc.

How all this is reasonably hard to judge, but this Internet phenomenon and that is debatable. Fortunately, most often the word cake just shows a light laugh when talking with friends or online game.

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