What is the cache?

Many of us are faced with this word, but not everyone knows what a cache is? The so-called special place, which is allocated on the hard disk of each computer used to store copies of those pages you’ve visited. This was done to save bandwidth and faster loading pages need. So, going one day on any of the sites, the fragments are stored in the memory of your hard drive.

What is the browser cache

Every day we visited a lot of sites where photos, videos, text. If we go in here for the first time, all information obtained by us, the graphics and text are loaded from the server. If all the settings on the computer are correct, after the first opening of the website, all of that data will be saved on the hard disk, in a specially designated place.

You can independently evaluate all the advantages of caching. To do this, download the home page of any website using mobile Internet. Type in any search string query, and then click on the link. Then go back to the main page. You will notice that this time it opened faster, and all because the second time the data is loaded from your cache.

Every webmaster puts the settings on your online individual. If the web resource is created on such platforms as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and the like, then the caching will be available to the developer in the form of plugins.

When you clear the cache, and from there removed all the data about previously visited websites. What does it do?

Why clean cache

Periodically it is recommended to clear your cache. This is because sometimes some of the pages may be displayed incorrectly in the us due to the fact that they had some changes, and the browser automatically loads the saved version.

In case if your computer virus and malware is also recommended along with the treatment and clear the cache to prevent re-infection.

How to clear the cache

Let’s consider the procedure of clearing the cache on the example of popular browsers:

  • Internet Explorer. The browser offers to clear the cache in the following way. Find the item «Tools» and select «delete browsing history». We have a window opens next to «Temporary Internet files», where you have to tick. Then make Delete.
  • Google Chrome. Deciding to clear the cache in the browser, find the menu item called «Tools» where there is a «Show advanced options». The next step is press «Clear history». Here still exists the possibility of choosing what you want to delete «Images and files», «For the whole period.» By selecting the desired item, press the «Clear history». The cache has been deleted.
  • Mozilla Firefox. Find and open in browser menu «Settings» then tab «Advanced». There we find the item «Network» and go to contents, find the «Cache web content. Next see the button «Clear now», clicking on which our cache to be cleared.
  • Opera. Under «Settings» choose «Security». Find «Clear history», where under «obliterate the following items from, select «From the beginning» where there is «Clear history», click on the button.
  • Yandex. Browser. To clear the cache of the browser, select the menu tab «Tools» then «Delete data browsing». You will see a list where it says «Remove the specified items». In this list you should choose «For all time». Put a check mark beside «empty the cache». To clear our cache, left click on «Clear history».
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