What is the browser?

Modern life is impossible without the Internet, and it is not the desire of young people to frequently check the account status in the social network. With a worldwide network ordered a lot of goods that it contains vast amounts of information. However, interaction with the Internet is hardly realistic without an answer to the question what is a browser.

what is the browser

What is the browser?

A web browser is a specific software that allows you to view web pages on the Internet, study available documents, and work with a variety of applications. With the help of various queries that are issued a person is processing information, display images and work with different content.

Browser history began in the late twentieth century, when Tim Berners-Lee created the first version of the software. It was named WorldWideWeb, but later became known as the Nexus. This browser was quite primitive, and the first graphical component appeared only three years later. Then created NCSA Mosaic, which supported by Microsoft Windows. After a certain amount of time with this browser, another, for a long time retains its popularity Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer

Modern browsers

It is not enough just to know what browser, you need to consider the options available. Today, some people continue to work in Internet Explorer because it does not transmit information about a person the search engines, but most know how to disable this feature, and therefore safely use the other options.

Actually created a huge variety of browsers, most of which many have not even heard. Among them the Amaya, Arora, Konquerror, CoolNovo and over a dozen others. If you ask a Russian person what browser it works, then most likely he will call one of the following options.

  • Opera;
  • Mozilla Firefox;
  • Google Chrome.


This browser was created in 1994 in Norway by a company called Telenor. Today its market share is slightly more than two percent, which allows the Opera to take fifth place in the world. I wonder what Russia is home to the largest number of fans of this program.

Opera works not only on Windows but also OS X, and Lunix. Browser provided and many mobile platforms, including popular iOS and Android. It is free for users of personal computers, and for those who need mobile Internet.


Mozilla Firefox

This option, developed by the Mozilla Corporations runs on the Gecko engine. It is about a third of their popularity among browsers and first among the free software. In addition to Russian-speaking countries, it is popular in Germany, where it is used slightly more than 40% of the population.

Mozilla has an internal spell checker own download Manager, custom searches and search as you type. Numerous functions can be added with a special offer of extension.

Mozilla І Firefox

Google Chrome

It was created by another browser in free access, Chromium. It was developed on the Blink engine, but it was also used WebKit. It is relatively new, as it appeared only at the end of 2008. Today Google Chrome is used by over 300 million people, but because he is the most popular browser. Moreover, its share continues to increase annually, and in the territory of the Russian Internet it stands on the first place.

Anyway, all the browsers work around a similar system. To pick up a suitable option methods of trial and error, gradually, considering all of the popular program.

Google Chrome

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