What is the axis

In the Russian language there are words with the same pronunciation can mean very different things. One such word is the word axis, which has different meanings. What is the axis in the various dictionaries of the native language?


What is the axis, according to the dictionary of Ephraim

Scholar Ephraim in his dictionary gives the following explanation of the word «axle»:

  1. This rod is made of wood or metal on which two sides are attached to the wheels.
  2. Some detail that is used in order to support mechanisms that can rotate or parts of them, during their rotation.
  3. This kind of imaginary video, is always stationary. The axis passes through the center of an imaginary space, or a particular body.
  4. In a figurative sense, this word may denote something important and basic, which is the center for the development of any actions or events.

what is the axis

Dictionary Ozhegova

As stated in the dictionary of Ozhegova scholar described such meaning of this word in different situations:

The Dictionary Ozhegova

  1. Often referred to as a straight line, which is imaginary. The axis must pass through the body or a geometric figure. In any one axis can always have their own unique one it certain properties.
  2. Axis burns calls the Union or relationship between the two countries, which are generally called by the names of their administrative centres, major cities or capitals of these States.
  3. So-called core, which serves for fastening the wheel is a movable part of a certain mechanism or a machine.
  4. Something around which focused the main events and main actions that are relevant to the place.

Encyclopedic dictionary

This dictionary gives several explanations of the word axis. One of them is the detail that is available in machines or large machines that are required in order to rotate different parts of it. The axis may be mobile or stationary. They are not able to transfer torque.

As for the Sciences, in mathematics there is the concept of an axis of coordinates, the so – called direct, which indicates the origin, together with the selected unit scale, which is the determination of the position data of specific points in space.


Dictionary Of Symbolism

Browsing through this dictionary, you can find a explanation of the word «axis», according to which the space axis is called a Central point that takes place in space or time. Axis is the sole support of various things. The same axis can be something around which there is a constant rotation, or the essence of all that is happening around us.

In the dictionary axis has its own character. They can be the Cosmic tree, the heavenly beam, column, of the sacred mountain, the drive shaft of the rotating mechanism (e.g., carts), something that has the form of a pole, rod or stud.

The Dictionary Of Ushakov

What is the explanation of the word «Axis» gives the dictionary:

  1. Ushakov’s dictionary calls it the rod, mainly made of wood or metal, which serves as a basis for attachment of the wheels. There are automobile, carriage or wagon axle. Furthermore, the axle may be the front or back.
  2. Other value — straight line that runs through a body. This video will always have its own special properties. For example, it may be a property, during the immediate rotation of the body, passing through the geometric center of symmetry. Example: the optical axis is the axis of symmetry, the axis of rotation, the axis of the crystal, etc.
  3. In the case of the use of the expression «Axis of the negotiations,» this means the achievement of some agreements between the two parties. For example, it can be an agreement relating to the limitation of armaments, etc.

The core of the negotiations

4. In a figurative sense, the word axis is used in the sense of primary, main directions, according to which the development of certain events or phenomena.

Synonyms to the word axis can be called a – rod, bushing, shaft.

The opposite of axis – lunch.

Hyponym – axis.

Hypernym – video.

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