What is autism in children?

Unfortunately, even modern medicine can not cope with certain congenital diseases of children, which include autism. What is autism? Autism is a disorder characterized by the inability of the child to Express emotional attitude to others, even if we are talking about loved ones. Autism is also commonly called developmental delay, behavioral disturbances, and difficulties in communication with peers, family and friends.

What is autism

Features of autism

This disease has different degrees of severity, which are characterized by certain signs and manifestations. Mild autism is almost no negative impact on a person’s life, it can be easily overcome, if you want to. If we consider the severe, here we are talking about a global brain dysfunction, which is simply not able to function optimally.

Very often, the autism in a child can be confused with childhood schizophrenia or child psychosis. But, time goes by, modern doctors are developing. They came to the conclusion that autism and child psychosis may have different symptoms, and today are deviations from the development can be easily recognized.

A disorder in the brain

Whatever the medicine and advanced equipment, until now it is very difficult to determine which processes occur in the brain in autism. To talk about the treatment of autism makes no sense, because no specialized medical clinic did not clear up with medications or remedies for treatment.

autistic children


You can use different drug drugs that have a positive impact on the brain, not letting him completely degraded. To support the work of the brain on the level at which it is located, but to improve its functioning impossible.

The cause of autism in children

The autism in children can occur from different reasons that parents do not even think. Why is there autism? What affects child development? Let’s try and get him to talk things over.

the causes of autism


Even here, scientists came to the same conclusion, which is why there is autism. Scientists would need decades to really determine what was the cause of autism. But, you might consider some of the reasons that primarily have a negative impact on the development of the baby, and it leads to such serious changes in the brain.

  • Genetic changes

So many options of autism in children who genetically. Become the main reason for the birth of an autistic child also can the conflict of genes of father and mother. It is known that after fertilization of the egg are blocked genes, which may adversely affect the health of the mother. In the body men also genes «freeze». Provide a potential risk to the embryo. Such a conflict can cause unwanted processes in the body.

  • Hormonal disturbance

Great importance for the development of a male hormone testosterone. If the amount is increased, there is a high probability that the future child may have the disease autism. Only elevated levels of testosterone, combined with other factors, can be a major cause of brain damage in the unborn child. Is disconnected from the work of the left hemisphere is working in a compensatory mode. As a result, there is a lack of the other hemisphere.

  • A difficult birth, a difficult pregnancy

Not seldom it happens that during pregnancy a woman carries severe viral or infectious diseases, such as rubella or chickenpox. All this leaves a negative mark on the fate of the baby. As frightening as this may sound, but most doctors identify infectious diseases in pregnant women in the first trimester, advise them to get rid of the baby by abortion.

the complexity of birth in autism

Some doctors make mistakes at the time of delivery, there will be unforeseen complications that can lead to serious birth injuries. Premature or rapid childbirth very often over the fact that the child is born with some symptoms of autism.

  • Toxic substances in the body

Cause of this disease can be exposure to pregnant women of various metals, of radioactive irradiation. They can get into the body after a viral illness and the use of various vaccines.

But, modern medicine argue the view that the cause of autism can be vaccinated. Despite this, worldwide, to cite a few examples in life, when triggered the onset of autism that is vaccination.

Peculiarities in the behavior

Regardless, it’s an adult person or child, the behavior of autistic children has virtually no age differences. In this state there is intolerance to loud noises, crowds, visual stimulation. Noisy companies and parties not for them. People with autism like to sit in a relaxed atmosphere, you can spend hours watching the view from the window, watch TV, chat in the virtual world.

Peculiarities in the behavior of autistic

Likewise, people with this disease cannot control their actions. They can sit for hours clapping or humming the same song. Their brain will not give a signal about what to do for a long time impossible. Most of these people tend to pay attention to things and objects that you can turn to close and open.

Difficulties in communicating with people

Communication with people is given extremely difficult. They can’t find the right words, don’t know what they are asking around can do the opposite. It is worth noting the speech of these people, it has no clearly pronounced words in their vocabulary contains only monotone and fuzzy phrases that a healthy person is not always able to understand.

Also they are not able to correctly formulate their wishes, they have no concept of time and seasons. Also autistic people do not understand how to wear clothes on what pace to put on the right and left Shoe. Their behavior is no different from a two year old child, for who need care.

Impaired social interaction

To speak about communication in the team or on the relationship with each other just makes no sense. Such children are dependent on parents, they cannot independently make important decisions, to do something with their hands. Today, a lot of children who are accustomed to their social circle, and in the new world they would like to communicate is difficult. In such cases, it is not necessary to do premature conclusions, tying your child the stigma of autism. You should definitely go for a full medical examination, to show the baby to specialists and then to take certain measures.

the lack of communication with people

As a child, if the child is closed in himself and doesn’t want to communicate with others, but parents do not need to take it to a frame Aristov. Perhaps with age the kid will love the world, and acting in new ways. It is very important to follow its development from early childhood, to ensure that it is fully developed, were obtained from life all the best and most diverse.

Remember, to cure autism is impossible, but you can by all means change the fact that your baby to feel a full member of society, able to develop on a par with healthy people to live and enjoy life.

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