What is art

To be a part of the beautiful — that’s what makes each person happy. That’s why people think about what art is, and how to do it.

What is art?

The definition of art suggests that this process of expression and comprehension of the internal and external world through an artistic image. Art should interest not only the author but also of strangers. Through art you can learn the religious or natural-scientific picture of the reflection of the world around us.

what is art

Art can be defined as a skill. If a person has something good happens, people say that he has the art of doing it. But most of the art reflects everything that happens to us. Also it is part of the spiritual part of the world. The result is an art work which attracts the attention and interest of other people.

Why do people need art?

Each of us have to Express themselves, and that’s why people make art. With his help, many people are able to Express their creativity, emotions and experiences. Also have the opportunity to convey something essential of the world through works of art.


Many people claim that time spent reading books or looking at paintings, is the most happy. That is why art is important in our lives.

Some even come out of depression once you start to make art. It is common knowledge that drawing is a great antidepressant. Also with the help of art can be put into reality their ideas related to the work. Most creative professions are different in that they are involved in the arts. So often a person needs art in order to carry out any activity.

One of the main purposes of art is to bring joy to people. That’s why people choose the sphere of activity associated with art. And someone gets pleasure from the fact that just watches the result of art in the form of his works.


Decorative arts

One of the most common types of art arts and crafts. It is a section of art, the purpose of which is the creation of art products. It is divided into:

  • decorative arts;
  • crafts.

Includes decorative plastic arts, forming the environment and the material makes it aesthetic additions. Usually with the help of decorative art create works of architecture, beautiful household items and decorations. Applied art is a branch of decorative art, which is a design of household items. The boundaries between decorative and applied art are blurred.

To the decorative arts refers to sewing, pyrography, weaving, applique, embroidery, patchwork, carving bone and wood, tapestry, lace-making, macramé, weaving, art metal and leather, beading and more. This kind of art allows us to understand even better what surrounds us and make it beautiful.


Fine art

Visual arts the maximum spread among us, he taught, beginning with the school years. This is the section of plastic arts, aimed at the reconstruction of the surrounding world. It includes graphics, painting and sculpture.

For the visual arts is very important to transfer images that can be perceived visually. These images may not even be material, but they have to be perceived visually. During the transmission of the visual image used by the texture, volume, plasticity and chiaroscuro. All this allows to perfectly transfer the image that was originally conceived.

Many educators and psychologists say about what fine art is a great way to develop a wonderful kids and adults. Therefore, the schools teach this art form. The art is improving every year and becoming the most modern. Every year brings new trends, which enable young people to make art and to love him.

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