What is the arithmetic

Many ask a specific question, what is mathematics and why it is needed. Arithmetic is a branch of mathematics which studies the numbers and work with them, their symbols, concepts, and more. Without arithmetic today it is not possible to subtract, multiply, divide those or other numbers that surround us every day. That is arithmetic and makes life a little easier, helping to cope with certain issues and to expand their horizons. For a long time it was thought that arithmetic today is synonymous with logic.

what is the arithmetic

Of course, the arithmetic is characterized by simple concepts and is not complicated to comprehend, unlike her «sisters» geometry and mathematics, but also has some peculiarities. Scientists claim that arithmetic today opens the way for us in the modern world, develop our logic and dictates its own laws.

The object of arithmetic

The basis of arithmetic has always been the number, and all its laws and properties. If it is correct to understand arithmetic, that is, the value of the number, to understand the whole math will be much easier.

Speaking in simple words, arithmetic is the science that studies numbers. It is one, five, fifteen, two hundred and thirty-two… All the numbers that are directly involved in arithmetic. Without arithmetic it is impossible to talk, conduct business negotiations, to establish a business. In all there are numbers, for which responsibility takes arithmetic. It helps us:

  • To solve business issues.
  • To deal with financial Affairs.
  • To communicate with people.
  • To determine your cost of living.

Our whole life is created out of numbers, therefore without the presence of arithmetic it was impossible. Every day arithmetic is evolving with greater speed, she’s improving, opening new horizons. Every development of arithmetic and develops the mathematics itself, which is also an integral part of the diverse life of modern man.

children's arithmetic

Without arithmetic it is difficult to imagine life, because it is entirely built of numbers. They are our age, the days of the year, salary, number of vacation days and so on. If not for the annual improvement of arithmetic, our life would not be as rich and diverse.

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