What is the angle?

Mathematics, geometry – many of these Sciences, as, indeed, most other accurate, are extremely difficult. People find it difficult to understand the formulas and strange terminology. For example, what is the angle? What is hidden under this strange notion?

what is the angle

What is the angle?

For starters, you need to consider just the measure of the angle. This will help image beam and a straight line. First you need to draw a horizontal straight line. Then from the first point is a ray that is parallel to a straight line. Thus, between the direct beam and appears some distance, a small angle. The measure of an angle is the size of the light to rotate.

So, you can now return to the key question. What is the angle? This concept denotes a specific numeric value to be greater than zero. It is expressed in degrees, as well as its component parts, that is, minutes and seconds. The number of degrees which fits in the angle between the beam and direct, and is degree measure.

the angle

Properties of angles

  • Absolutely every angle will have a certain degree measure.
  • If it is fully deployed, that number will be equal to 180 degrees.
  • For finding the degree measure considers the sum of all the angles that broke the beam.
  • With the help of any beam, you can create a half-plane in which to actually make the corner. He will have a degree measure, the value of which is less than 180, and this angle can be only one.

How to find the measure of angle?

Typically, the minimum degree measure is 1 degree, which is 1/180 from the straight angle. However, sometimes it is impossible to obtain so precise a figure. In these cases, use of seconds and minutes.

At their location values can be converted to degrees, thus get the fraction of a degree. Sometimes used fractional numbers, like of 80.7 degrees.

It is also important to remember the key values. A right angle is always equal to 90 degrees. If the degree is greater, then it will be stupid, and if less then sharp.

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