What is sugaring?

Each girl thought about what is sugaring. In this article we will analyze its advantages, disadvantages, and also will talk about how to do this procedure at home.

what is sugaring

Every woman wants to be beautiful, so we take care of the hair, for clothes, shoes, and, skin. Smooth and velvety skin is the dream of every woman. Fortunately, modern cosmetology allows to achieve this effect with such procedure as the sugaring. Sugaring call one of the methods of hair removal, for which the desired sugar syrup. This procedure can be done in the salon, and independently.

History of the procedure

Sugaring is one of the oldest beauty treatments in history. The birthplace of this procedure is Ancient Egypt of the times of Nefertiti. It Nefertiti was the first woman who made hair removal using sugar. Except for Egypt, sugaring was quite popular in Persia. Ladies high-class strove for the total elimination of hair, as his mother was not held in high esteem. There were many Persian women who loved this procedure shugaring second name is «Persian waxing».

history shugaring

In the modern world has become very popular. Shugaring peak of popularity occurred in the 80-ies. In some Eastern countries, sugaring, make all brides before marriage.

Why do sugar waxing?

This procedure has a number of advantages. Here are the main ones:

  • During shugaring removed both long and very fine hairs.
  • The risk of burn injury is absent, as the temperature of sugar syrup is not very high.
  • Making procedure is possible even for those who suffer from varicose veins.
  • The inflammation risk is almost zero.
  • After shugaring skin becomes extremely soft and pleasant to the touch.
  • Due to the warmth of sugar syrup that is used during the procedure, skin pores enlarged. As a result, the skin becomes more clean.
  • The first hairs appear on the skin not earlier than two weeks from the date of sugar depilation.
  • To make sugaring, no need to use special tools. It is sufficient to prepare the main ingredients: water, lemon and sugar.
  • Sugaring – very affordable and inexpensive procedure. Therefore, any lady can do it yourself from the comfort of home.
  • Another important advantage shugaring is hypoallergenic. None of the ingredients of the procedure is not a strong allergen, which is not to say, for example, about waxing.
  • Minimal injury to the skin, as a result, low pain level.
  • To make sugaring can anyone at home. This does not have to be a beautician or to have certain skills.

sugar waxing

Technique shugaring

Beauticians recommend that those who will for the first time to do sugaring, do not shave the hair for some time. The fact that the procedure is much faster and better when long hairs and not short.

The procedure starts with the degreasing phase, which will dailyroutine. Before doing this, it is necessary to wash, as the procedure should be done only on a clean body. After taking a shower, use a cleanser for the body.

technique shugaring

Next you need to wait until the body is dry. Then, use baby cream or powder. Use these funds in order to cover the area that has unwanted hair. This must be done because the process depilation sugar syrup will affect mostly the hair, not the skin.

From pre-cooked sugar mixture, make a «sausage», roll out of it. Tear off a piece of «sausages» and place it on the area of skin against the hair growth. Then, you need to sharply pull it. So you need to do as long as the skin is not completely left the hair. Once waxing is finished, wash off the remnants of the sugar mixture.

At the end of the procedure, use a moisturizing cream to soothe the skin.

How to make your own sugar mixture?

Sugar syrup or sugar mixture is the most important thing in sugaring. Of how well it is cooked, depends on the efficiency of the whole procedure.

how to make sugar mixture

The ingredients that you need for preparing this mixture:

  • 8-9 tablespoons of sugar (no slides).
  • 3 tablespoons of lemon juice.
  • A little bit of water.

If you need to do the procedure to several people, the number taken ingredients should be increased.

For starters, all three ingredients must be mixed. Then the resulting mass is added in pan and put on slow fire. The fire must be slow, don’t forget about it. The mass should be stirred, not departing from it. If your ground becomes very thick, thus, complicating the process of stirring, just add more water. Stir the mixture need to until it starts to boil. By this time the sugar should be completely transparent, and after a few minutes of the boil, it will turn brown. If you did everything correctly, you should feel the smell of caramel.

the procedure shugaring

After the ground had turned brown, the pan can be removed from the heat and leave to infuse. Usually enough, twenty minutes to the mixture, as it should, has thickened and cooled. The main criterion for a properly made mixture shugaring is the density. Check it by trying to download a piece of the mass into a ball. If you managed to do it, the sugar mixture can be used for depilation.

Contraindications for the procedure

You should refrain from shugaring those who have a number of the following issues:

  • Various diseases of the skin. For example, psoriasis.
  • Hematoma and bruising in the area of desired hair removal.
  • Sores and wounds on the skin.
  • Very strong tan.
  • A tendency to epileptic seizures.
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding.
  • Diabetes.

contraindications shugaring

It hurts to do sugaring?

Those who once faced with this procedure, can hardly boast of pleasant sensations during it. But, nevertheless, no wonder people say that beauty demands victims. Yes, indeed, the procedure is not pleasant. But the result is definitely worth it. Moreover, the discomfort can only be experienced the first session as the shugaring hair thick and strong. During the depilation, the hair follicles weaken, making hairs very thin. To get rid of the hair doesn’t hurt. Therefore, we must be patient, only the first two sessions, and then just enjoy the removal of unwanted hair from your body.

The procedure shugaring need to conduct at least once every six weeks. It all depends on the individual person. Someone hair grows very quickly, and then the procedure should be repeated not less than once in four weeks. Someone is lucky more. But, as one of the main advantages of this wax is its simplicity and accessibility, then you can do it at least once in three weeks, without leaving home.

pain shugaring

Thus, the advantages shugaring on the face. This is a very useful, effective, budget, and most importantly, affordable and simple procedure that everyone can do.

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