What is spam and who are the spammers?

Development and wide spread of the Internet has given people lots of new possibilities. First and foremost, is access to diverse information and the ability to communicate with people at a distance. However, all this led to the emergence of the question «what is spam?

what is spam

It is very important to understand the essence of the word, as not knowing the answer to this question may lead not only to a waste of time but also of losing money and infecting your computer with malware.

What is spam?

In its modern sense of the term «spam» began to be used during the spread of e-mail services. Also, this phenomenon existed in the systems of instant messaging (in particular, in the once popular ICQ). However, first and foremost spam have affected emails.

So, what is spam in email or in any other form? First and foremost, this is mass mailing advertising and a variety of commercial information, in fact, all in a row. If a person personally subscribed to the newsletter some of the resource, it will obtain the necessary information, and letter spam is sent without the prior consent of the people.

With the development of social network Vkontakte mass mailing reached and personal messages. People had the ability to send infinite number of letters to fill up the number of groups, as well as to promote a variety of services. However, the question «what is spam Vkontakte?» is not very relevant, as the number of messages that can send your account greatly curtailed. Reduced and the number of posts that can create groups.

spam Vkontakte


Unfortunately, the usual hype is not the only type of spam. Although this still exists, bumping into spam messages, people are increasingly at risk to be in peculiar danger.

For example, if you received the e-mail strange content and dubious of the sender, it often contains a file attachment or link. Clicking on such objects very often leads to getting a virus in the computer.

In addition to the impact on the system, spam emails can be designed fraudulently to force a person to pay a certain sum of money. Such manifests itself in many different forms.

«Request of friends» in social networks

What is spam in Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte? It can manifest itself in different ways, and if the essence of a regular is, even after reading of such information does not happen nothing catastrophic. However, spam is being increasingly used for fraud. In particular, in social networks, developed the «request friends help» and an e-mail often «Nigerian letter».

Attempts to lure money from users of the social networking has existed almost always. Earlier, when the attacker had hacked someone’s account, he did so that this page is automatically sent out various spam.

Today this process has become less automated, but more effective. Breaking someone else’s page, the attacker starts a «simple» communication with all the friends who are online. The correspondence begins with the standard «hi, how are you», may contain smileys and other such elements. Then the attacker begins to ask in debt a certain amount, allegedly just for a few days. Thinking that duty asks the other man easily falls for such deception.

In such cases, to split the attacker can be a couple of personal questions, the answers to which he, of course, will not know. After that, it is best to notify all friends of an account that are online, the possibility of deception. Then you need to advise the present owner of the page to change your password and take care of what is tied to the account (email or mobile number).

«Nigerian letter»

Because in social networks, as before, most of the audience is young people, scammers try to trick people and e-mail. Recently, the distribution has received so-called «Nigerian letter». Actually, they exist already for a long time and previously sent in real paper letters.

This spam comes not only directly Nigeria. The letter can be different cities, but the content is always similar. Someone will write about what is going to spend serious cash operation. If you have received a letter do your share, in the future it will supposedly get a lot of interest.

Very often, the person that wrote the letter seems sort of high. This may be the king, the official or a millionaire, is going to make money transfers abroad as in his native country supposedly too much tax.

Of course, if you accept that premise, then the only thing you get is disappointment because all the money just goes into the pocket of the attacker.

There is another common variant of the Nigerian letter. In them by the sender, allegedly the employee of the Bank or someone like that reports about the death of a rich relative or namesake. If the victim agrees to receive the sudden «heritage», then it will send the documents (in the form of genuine, as often the Scam involves real officials), but then you will need a «meeting.»

These fees will increase and never end. There will always be new reasons for the next payments.

Nigerian letter

Common signs of spam Scam

Despite the fact that such fraud is very widely discussed and known to many, there are those to whom information about who are the spammers and that means the spam never came. They can easily believe the attackers, as their scheme of work is quite thoughtful. Even if a person decides to check the information about the documents, accounts and sites, he will likely not notice any catch.

In order to avoid becoming a victim of fraud, you have to remember two simple facts.

  • First, you should not click on links or download files received from unknown entities.
  • Secondly, except with trusted online stores do not need to translate to anyone funds until the goods are received or something like that. No need to pay «insurance fees» to receive materials to work remotely, or «payment» for work abroad.


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