What is Signa

More recently, in social networks there is a popular phenomenon, such as Sigma. Therefore, users are increasingly the question arises – what is this signal and how to make it?

what is Signa

What is Signa

The word signal comes from the English «sign» and is translated as «mark». Classic Signa – the inscription on the human body, usually girls, though there are guys who do it. Invented Sigma was just a girl who wanted to Express sympathy for your boyfriend.

To be precise, the Signa is not the inscription, and a picture of her. Today it is used not only to Express sympathy, but also for advertising purposes. Since not every man will dare to make such an inscription on his body, signal just started calling the inscription on the paper you can place on the body, and to hold in hands.

What are Signa

Conditionally they are divided into 2 categories – normal and erotic. Usual done on the exposed parts of the arms, legs, back and other body areas that can be demonstrated without hesitation to other people. But with regard to the erotic, they are placed on those body parts that are not made to show to others. Traditionally it can be placed on the lower part of the abdomen, chest or buttocks. Although it is possible to meet opinion that if these areas are covered with clothes, they are erotic, becomes a regular signame.

what is Signa

A separate direction in youth culture have become Signa, made on a sheet of paper. To be precise, they appeared before the origin of this trend even before the advent of the Internet. These photos were used as advertising or as protest expression. If you wish to make it can be absolutely anyone. But, it is worth noting that they do not enjoy such popularity as Signa done on the body. In such photographs place the model names, numbers or greetings.

Where do Signa

If you do not take into account Signa on paper, to do it absolutely on any part of your body. It all depends on the imagination and boldness of the model. Sometimes there are images of these inscriptions, made on the heels, palms or even on the forehead. Traditional can be called photos of the inscriptions made on the abdomen, chest, arms, legs, back or buttocks.

Robina signo

To make Signa, you need a camera or smart phone, with waterproof marker, and imagination.

What was the reason for the popularity of alarm in social networks

The popularity of such images on social networks is not related to the fact that it is possible to create fake accounts. Just among girls has become fashionable to put on the names of their children, mobile numbers, website addresses or names of groups. It is a kind of self-promotion.

signi in Simeria

Even today you can find ads of girls who, for a fee (both money and votes in Kontakt) offer such services. Customers usually are the owners of the thematic groups on the website for which it is the specific symbol of «slope». Basically, it’s youth group. Although there are guys who want to see your name on a beautiful body.

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