What is sarcasm

Let’s define what sarcasm is. First and foremost it is worth noting that sarcasm is the highest degree of irony, that evil sneer, which manifests itself in relation to man. Sarcasm differs from irony to the fact that it has no hints, there is exclusively direct instruction.

what is sarcasm

Often sarcasm can sound positive, but in most cases it is the evil of ridicule, which may positively perceived solely by the author.

Sarcasm has its advantages and disadvantages, it is possible to consider them.

The advantages of sarcasm

Despite the fact that sarcasm is a negative manifestation in relation to a particular person, it has its advantages and disadvantages. Not all of them perceive, as it should, but they do exist. Among the most popular advantages include the following:

  • Sarcasm can be expressed not only in words but also in pictures.
  • Is a verbal weapon, which always helps to keep proper self-defence in the source.
  • The sense of humor that is understood by most.
  • The manifestation of appropriate wit.
  • The peculiar development of intelligence.
  • An integral part of pictorial art.

Disadvantages sarcasm

Not always evil taunts and jokes can end. In order not to cause aggression among the others or in the company of strangers, such jokes should not be used. When foreign people, they can be considered a common drawback. Among the shortcomings can be noted:

  • Not always cause laughter and fun.
  • Can be understandable only to a close circle of communication.
  • A thin line of humor.
  • Form of black PR.
  • The negative perception that often leads to consequences.
  • Form of derision, which may not be clear.

What psychologists say

Modern psychologists are also interested in this concept, they view it from all sides, come to certain conclusions. Some of them used to stick to the opinion that sarcasm is now a sign of a healthy mind. Very rarely fans to use sarcasm do it consciously, often everything happens spontaneously, and it can not but rejoice. It is in these forms is now developing erudition. This once again confirms that the person who uses the particles of sarcasm, do not intend to offend anyone. It happens spontaneously and lightly.

sarcasm and mockery

Some psychologists recommend in unknown companies to filter and leave the sarcasm for a warmer atmosphere. In some cases, sarcasm can still be called something intimate, because it is understood only by the closest people that you spend a lot of time. Use sarcasm to attract attention and become a leader in the company, but be sure to think before saying it. It has not only many advantages but also disadvantages occur to be, this is what we said above. Use sarcasm solely for good, and then he is sure to be correctly perceived.

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