What is runes?

Many have heard about the magic of runes. But not everyone knows what runes and how to use them. This question people have been asking over the centuries. But a clear answer still nobody gave.

what runes

What runes

Translated from the ancient Indo-Germanic language, the word runa means «mystery». It’s a kind of magic alphabet, which is admired by the fans of the Pantheon of gods of Scandinavia. It was used for forecasting and implementing of magical rituals. Sailors used them as protective symbols during their voyages, and soldiers put on their shields, believing their protective properties.

Each rune has its own name, which is defined by the outline of her character. It is believed that each of them is related to one of the deities or elements. If the rune is upside down, its value should be changed to the opposite.

divination on the runes

Modern runes made of wood, bone, metal and other materials. You can buy them at any esoteric shop or order online where offer the bag 24 with the same runes engraved symbols plus 1 empty element. It is believed that this set can only be used by one person to transfer them to others is impossible, even just to see or hold.

The mystery of the runes

It is believed that the power of these magic items is in the archetype that allows you to get in touch with centre or streams of energy, thanks to special signs. There are several centers of the earth, physical, universal, galactic and planetary. Runic energy flow that exists in space, is activated in a person who activates and directs the flow of energy to a given accomplishment.

How to use runes

In order to use the runes to make magical effect does not have to be a magician. The main thing to follow all the ritual prescriptions. Action runes are completely alone, preferably at sunrise in complete silence. I think a person should be in a state of complete mental tranquility and balance. It is ideal to do prior to this meditation session. To stop magic action with runes you can stress, physical or emotional discomfort.

what is the meaning of the runes

The man who decided to spend the session should know what the runes mean. Working with them, you need to clearly say the name of each character, focusing on the way that he is. At the end of the session, a man in need of cleaning. For this you need a cold shower and meditation.

Runes should be used solely in a straight position. It is believed that the inverted marks may be fraught with danger. With magical signs should be careful and treat them with respect. If you have doubts about their use to influence the situation or people, the better you work with the runes to give, because rune magic needs practice.

runic magic

Effect that create runes, depends on the energy of the space, not from the man himself. For him all work is done by runes.

Each symbol carries information about the future and can tell about the past of a person. They concealed a certain meaning. The same person who decided to use runes to obtain certain information should be aware that working with them he gives part of his vital energy. Such is the fee for the information received about their future. During divination it is necessary to formulate a specific question and believe that the runes are capable of miracles.

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