What is religion?

Everyone ever heard the word «religion». Despite the fact that many belong to a particular religion, to explain what religion is. This concept is connected with the terms «Lord» and «beliefs». Based on this, you can make the definition of religion. This is a special form of consciousness, complex emotional experiences, and divine views. The Foundation of the religion is the belief in different beings from other worlds, for example, the devil, God, angel, which serve as objects of worship. In simple words we can say that religion is the worship of certain gods.

What is religion?

A bit of history

But in order to fully reveal and understand the essence of this difficult question, what is religion, you need to look at history, as in human development, she played a very important role. Even in ancient times mankind could not explain natural disasters, such as droughts, floods, sunsets and sunrises, thunder and lightning. That is why they preferred to attribute it to a manifestation of the gods and supernatural beings. Over time began to appear shamans, priests, druids who might understand all manifestations of the other world. Their main task was the prediction of wars, different natural disasters and lean years. In addition, the priest and shamans are cajoled patrons to avoid bloody wars and hunger. Each natural phenomenon had its patron Saint. For example, were gods of thunder, sun, war, and many others.

Today, there are several options for the origin of the word «religion». The most common it is believed that it came from religio, which translated from Latin means piety, religion, worship, sanctity. Many believe that religion originates from the verb religare (to connect). There is an opinion that it came from a reeligere – collect.

Based on the foregoing, it becomes clear why this word has so many different concepts and definitions. In fact, religion is a special way of communion with God, of which there are many.

The history of religion

Every person has its own individuality and chooses the road that it will be easier to pass, but there is only one God. So he admits the existence of several religious movements, as all true religions ultimately lead to him. For some people, this path will be short, and some will need much more. It depends on the religious movements that people have chosen for themselves. All the preachers of various religions claim that this path is the shortest and easiest, but even despite this, each of them different from the others.

God meets people like the man and trust him. In the case when the place in the heart of man is material and not spiritual values, God lead them the long way, which will save you from attachment. It all depends on the choice of the person.

Directions and types of religions

In religion today there are four directions. These include:

  • Polytheism. When a person worships different Gods.
  • Atheism. A complete denial of the existence of God.
  • Monotheism. The recognition of only one God.
  • Pure theism. The realization that only the Lord is one and recognition of all true religions.

Directions and types of religions

The main religions are:

  • Judaism. The Lord through the Jews gave the ten immutable commandments. Following them in the order in which they are, man will attain perfection and achieve peace. These commandments are the basis of Judaism. Realizing and accepting the first one, everyone will be able to follow others without deviation. The ten commandments are considered so important that Christians also adhere to and follow them.
  • Christianity. Jesus came to earth in order to bring light, knowledge and love for his father. Early people worshipped God only because of fear of its power. Love the service of God, he brought from his travels through India and the Himalayas, where for seven years he got knowledge from the priests. Jesus chose for himself twelve apostles, who had the same faith in the love of God to the people and carried this teaching into the world.
  • Islam. The Koran rejects the fact that Christianity belongs to the monotheism and claims that this religion is polytheism, putting Jesus in the place of God. The Quran says that the mother of Jesus is mother of God. To restore the lost religious foundations tried the prophet Mohammed and the believers to return to the path of worship one Lord. It was the first to describe the Supreme quality, so the people learned of his patron. It should be noted that the attributes of God does the Bible, but Muhammad gave the people a knowledge of who God is.
  • Buddhism. This religion preaches love for all creatures on earth. It was formed at a time when people made sacrifices in honor of their patrons. They believed that by performing the ritual atonement for sins. But the sacrifice began to wear a threatening nature, as animals became less, and people can stay without food. In order to protect living beings, the Lord came as Buddha and stopped the mass slaughter of innocent animals. At that time it was a necessary measure. But the Vedas have lost their credibility, and the personality of the Lord was rejected. In the end, the main idea of religion has become the worship of the impersonal absolute. But God is personal, and therefore, as mentioned in some prophecies, this trend soon will die.
  • Hinduism. This is a unique religion because, despite the name, is a mass of different directions. Some of them are guided by the science of the void, while others preach polytheism. Pure atheism is Vaishnavism. Therefore, to consider Hinduism as a single religion is not necessary, it is illogical. In the ancient prophecies say that there will come a Golden Age. It will last approximately ten thousand years. After its completion, humanity is once again waiting for degradation. But some prophets say that this period has already begun, and its beginning was the accident, which occurred in 2012. The followers of Vaishnavism, in turn, believe that the Golden Age has lasted for over 500 years, and began with the arrival of the God in the form of Caitanya Mahaprabhu. He preached the Holy Name throughout India. That is Caitanya gave mankind a simple and affordable way through the Maha-mantra.

features of each religion

Quite often people can’t choose religion. Many simply do not know that a little knowledge, it is necessary to follow what every religion preaches. As the Bible says even the devils believe in God and fear Him. In order to understand the perfection and harmony need to go to God. What would be easier to understand and choose the path, it is enough to answer three questions:

  • What are the goals chosen religion?
  • What is the path you should follow to achieve the goals?
  • The feeling you get when you look at people who have reached it?

Your path to God should begin when all three answers fully satisfy human desire.

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