What is PMS?

In 98% of cases, if something sounds, the acronym «PMS», then we will talk about the peculiarities of female behavior in certain periods. In fact, this reduction is another frequently-occurring value, as well as a number of other definitions, which rarely can be heard. So, what is PMS?

Premenstrual syndrome

what is PMS

This syndrome appears not all women, and the reasons for its development are still not discovered. A role in provoking symptoms can play a postponed abortion or childbirth, various stresses and infections.

Most people are under premenstrual syndrome understand exactly what the nervousness that arises at certain stages of the cycle in women. In fact, this syndrome can appear in various forms. For example, perhaps the development of nagrubanii mammary glands, and swelling of various body parts. Some women appear throbbing headaches, accompanied by vomiting. Possible heart pain and increased pressure and other symptoms. Doctors share PMS on the stage and even divided by the severity level.

Women often only cover up the premenstrual syndrome the features of his character (he is not developing at all). Many believe that PMS does not exist in principle that it is only self-justification. You can say that about neuro-mental form, but not on any other.

Track machine station

track machine station

The railroad firmly established in people’s lives and air transport is still not replaced the train. The way in which they go, of course, are not eternal, they need regular repair. These works are carried out by the staff of track machine station. They change turnouts, repair of the upper structure or completely replace the rails. In winter, the PMS workers clear snow from the roads, and where possible (in hot climates) – continue repairs.

Throughout Russia, scattered over three hundred track maintenance trains, so it would be foolish for the question «What is PMS?» to talk only about women’s symptoms.

Other values

If you open Wikipedia, you can see a pretty impressive list of transcripts that decrease. First, of course, will go premenstrual syndrome and a track machine station, however, there are other values. Among them:

  • train mine Starinov,
  • the polymethylsiloxane,
  • production of small series
  • check oil system,
  • the post weather service,
  • the spatial location of the aircraft,
  • programmable matrix compounds.

What is PMS?


Obviously, the abbreviation «PMS» is used in various fields, from medicine to aeronautical engineering. Even some weapon models represent these letters, not to mention chemical compounds.

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