What is Pilates fitness?

Anyone wishing to support their body in good shape you know that without physical exercises not to do. Gymnastics can be very diverse. Created a system of exercises for health and beauty of the body. One of them is Pilates. So, Pilates — what is it?

What is Pilates fitness?

Pilates — a set of exercises that created more than a century ago, Joseph Hubert Pilates. This System is part of a program of fitness, which helps to control not only the body but also the spirit and the mind. So suggests its Creator. So what is the Pilates fitness?

what is Pilates

The main objective of this gymnastics abs workout, because, in the opinion of Pilates, the energy of the human body is concentrated there. After all the back and actually press is the real main frame, which holds the torso in a vertical upright position, and in this region are the main muscle that allows a person to maintain posture and to keep a healthy body shape.

Thus, we can assume that Pilates enable to develop and to maintain the correct posture, with regular practice certainly continues in everyday life. In addition, the trained muscles contribute to the normal function of internal organs, which is also extremely important for a healthy life.

The goals and objectives of Pilates

Choosing for training, Pilates classes, first of all, you should decide what the purpose of creating a beautiful body. In this Pilates is similar to yoga. Exercises are created in such a way that with their help, creates an alternating load and relaxation of muscles. And another very important control over the technique of execution of movements.

the purpose of Pilates

In this concentration of thought during exercise and creates harmony between body and spirit. Since all movements of the body, muscles, breathing is controlled by thought, that is, work focused on the work of the body. So Pilates and creates a strong bond between mind and body.

Breathing is the most important part of Pilates

Is essential in the Pilates breath. After all, when breath the body is saturated with oxygen and can function normally. But, it turns out to breathe correctly also need to be able to. Most often, when a person breathes in air, expanding his chest. And it is wrong. This breath is not deep and therefore does not fulfill its main function — oxygen saturation of the lungs and body.

features Pilates

When singing the first thing they teach future singer is to breathe correctly, otherwise not enough air. This is the principle of breathing and is the basis of Pilates. That is, when breathing in you need to learn how to send the inhaled air to the fins on the back, in the lower part of the lungs. Thus, it has created a sense that when you inhale swells back. Only then the air will get to the muscles, because they move the body and organs. And when you exercise the muscles that are rich in oxygen will be more elastic and more pliable, and, of course, will do so and body. With this breath arises and mind, and increase stamina. And isn’t that worth get from gymnastics?

The principles of exercise

The entire set of exercises aimed at the so-called centering, that is, strengthening of the frame, which was told in the beginning. Through the practice of Pilates trains the core group of muscles located near the spine. These muscles are support for the body. Here, as mentioned above, are the most important organs that create energy in the body:

  • Stomach.
  • The liver.
  • Pancreas.
  • Spleen.

These bodies produce and recycle essential nutrients in the body, which are converted into energy. This same energy with proper breathing is used to perform gymnastic movements.

Pilates workout

The cost of physical strength when performing exercises smoothly into a feeling of relaxation. This relaxation is necessary to create consciously, and then it will facilitate the harmony of body and mind. If any part of the body not involved in gymnastics and should not be strained, and this tension they create no consciousness, no breath.

It is also important to perform all movements continuously and smoothly, so that every movement was harmonious continuation of the previous one. You should not make long stops. Better to take a breath. These principles will give grace. Each exercise or movement begins and ends in one point, breathing: inhale — exhale.

And, of course, we should not forget another important principle of Pilates — regularity. To get noticeable results, you need to conduct such courses not only in strict accordance with the task, but 3-4 times a week. You can start with a few exercises, it is important for beginners and untrained, with a few minutes, and even just from mastering breathing exercises. With the third lesson, you are ready for physical training, gradually increasing the time and amount of exercise.

So, Pilates exercises for the body and spirit, she strengthens the muscles, trains the body teaches the mind to focus on important and causes the blood to fill with oxygen and to circulate in the body, resulting in desired position of internal organs.

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