What is philosophy?

Many of the Sciences taught today in various educational institutions. All quite understandable, what is mathematics, literature or even astronomy, but what is philosophy? Quite often, people like to show, like really versed in such matters, but the apparent simplicity hides quite a lot.

what is philosophy

What is philosophy?

Literally from the Greek this word is translated as «love of wisdom». Under the philosophy to understand the world by studying a fairly General, summary questions about reality and human life.

It is believed that each social identity has a certain understanding of life. Basically it consists of the history of past generations, but a certain influence has personal experience.

At some point, one is faced with a particular situation that defies his established worldview. It requires something more, something distant and critical. About this is the answer to the question of what philosophy is.

Interestingly, the interpretation of the term itself is considered a kind of philosophical question. No one can confidently say that regards this science. Objectively speaking, she is exploring everything, including the process of learning as such.


Especially science

Despite the fact that philosophy is often perceived as something highly abstract, devoid of any laws, every argument is always rational. It should be based on logic or any other way of thinking. Due to this factor, the philosophy turns into a religion or some set of supernatural tales. However, it is, as a rule, and does not contradict them. Thanks to the work of various philosophers, a person is able the interpretation of the collection of the Vedas and the Bible.

Another way not to allow philosophy to become something absolutely unreal – a critical analysis. When someone comes to a new conclusion, he compares it with all previous opinions known on this issue, scrutinizes and parses them. All this allows us to ensure the integrity of philosophy.


Main topics of study

There are an incredibly large number of various trends and movements in philosophy. It has its pillars and the key ideas, significant figures, and large figures.

For example, there is the concept of materialism. It is inextricably linked to the human desire to explore consciousness and its relationship to the world around us.

Empiricism tries to answer the original question «how do we know?». He tries to understand the rationality of those facts that humanity has long taken for granted.

The doctrine of Marxism suggests that the world can be changed through the human mind, and philosophy itself is a tool of such changes.

Nihilism is renowned for a popular classical work of Russian literature, draws attention to the fact that there are no grounds and reasons to follow the norms that exist in the world.

Quite popular, is the direction of existentialism. Its essence is that the human being is unique and irrational. It is a peculiar movement in which people Express the uniqueness of psychological difficulties.


Other current

To talk about different philosophical currents can be virtually infinite. There are so many, and nothing prevents the emergence of new. Well-known options are the following:

  • The Philosophy Of Immanuel Kant,
  • German idealism
  • Anarchism
  • Analytic philosophy and its criticism,
  • Pragmatism
  • Positivism,
  • Cosmism.


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