What is pestushko?

Modern methods of care for children and the whole education process include a variety of elements. Children buy a lot of educational toys, clothes, which will contribute to the proper formation and bone conditions. Kids give professional massages, and there are few who can answer the question «what is pestushko?»

what is pestushko

Usually, if anyone remembers that word, then quickly confuses it with rhymes and poteshkami. Although this is a small folklore genres, created for children, they have their quirks. For example, the essence of nursery rhymes that is fun, although it is intended to foster. Sometimes she helped the mothers to transform ordinary processes like bathing and cooking, in a game for the child. Jokes already read a few older children, because with their help was learning different things.

What is pestushko?

To understand the meaning of this word you can, if you pay attention to the verb nurture. In its obsolete meaning, it means to nurse a child. Here and Petushki was created exactly for this purpose – with their help, the mother and nurse took care of their kids. They read small poems, which accompanied the awakening of the child or any other processes.

Petushki read to young children, under one year of age, which at this stage is important to proper physical development. Good maternal voice, her gentle touch creates an excellent basis for this.

Very often Petushki accompany a variety of baby massage. They usually consist of very simple elements, such as flexion-extension legs or head turning, but in combination with light verse that makes a great element in the development of the baby.


Than useful Petushki?

It is now clear that such pestushko, but what it gives to the newborn person?

Using simple stitches the child begins to learn some information about the world around him. Petushki accompanied learning to walk, and almost any contact of the child with the mother. It can read the corresponding verses, while bathing or dressing a baby, and they also can be an element of sickness.

Simple words are slowly being assimilated by the child. With the help of pastuszek begins his speech formation. The child is much better to listen to albeit simple but understandable and kind words, incomprehensible conversations or cursing parents somewhere.

Petushki allow you to give moral support to the process of teaching a child something new. They tell him that he is doing the right thing, and may in the future continue to repeat this.

development of the child

An example of a common Petushki:

Big feet

Walking down the road:

Top, top, top,

Top, top, top.

Little feet

Ran on the track:

Top, top, top, top,

Top, top, top, top!

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