What is ovulation?

Often in life you hear this word, especially among women, who discuss possible pregnancy and childbirth. There are occasions that, even in saying this, people actually don’t really know what that means, but it is an important phenomenon in the life of any woman.

what is ovulation

Menstrual cycle

The concept of ovulation and the menstrual cycle are inextricably linked. They all somehow relate to the activities of the egg.

Just in this cycle three main phases, officially called the menstrual, proliferative and secretory. The first, also called the follicular, is the period of bleeding in women. This is the result of rejection of the endometrium if the egg is not fertilized.

The next phase, which is called ovulation, is that within a few days of developing follicle. This grafov bubble, which is the egg.

Finally, the secretory phase, during which grafov the follicle becomes a yellow body. This period lasts about two weeks, and immediately after ovulation occurs.

menstrual cycle

What is ovulation?

So, it’s time to understand what that means. This is the process by which the egg moves from the ovary to the fallopian tube. This happens due to the rupture of the follicle, which had to Mature during the phases of the menstrual cycle.

Women count the days, when will be the ovulation in order to conceive. In this period the highest chances of fertilization.

As a rule, this phenomenon occurs two weeks before the menstrual cycle, although the response may differ. The duration of the ovulation can be very different, but after getting into the fallopian tube the egg will die if fertilization does not happen during the day.


How to know the time of ovulation?

Relatively accurate, but seldom used method of measurement of basal temperature. As a rule, it stays at the same level, but at some point the temperature drops about 0.2 degrees. This will be talking about ovulation. Not a day goes by, as the temperature will make a jump of about 0.5 degrees. To determine the time using ultrasound.

By and large, there is no need to determine the exact day because sperm can live in pipes long enough to await the maturation of the ovum. Also, they need time to get to it, so it is impossible to conduct sexual acts on the day of ovulation, is to do it in advance.


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