What is orfogramm in the Russian language?

In the study of the Russian language in school or College have to deal with a huge number of rules, regulations and exceptions to them. Every word may have questions. How it correctly to write? Put the hyphen or soft sign? In order to understand this, we need to know what orfogramm.

what is orfogramm

What is orfogramm?

To understand the meaning of this term is quite simple, just refer to its etymology, i.e. the history of the emergence. The word can be translated from Greek language, then get the correct entry or a letter. Thus, orfogramm is the correct spelling of the word.

The concept of orfogramm something identical to the concept of a rule. Almost every orfogramm has its own rule of the Russian language. In very rare cases of writing will be based on simple tradition. All these rules and generally accepted rules of exploring one big science – spelling.

Rules usually arise where it seems that a word can have multiple spellings. This is due to those situations in which the sound does not give a clear idea of what the letters or symbols must be in the word.


Features orfogramm

In order to understand what orfogramm in the Russian language, you need to understand some features of this concept.

First, all orogramme can be divided into two types.

  • The first type is literal orfogramm. This means that when writing a word the question is about a specific letter. For example, the sound could not make it clear whether to write in the root of the letter a or O. of Course, one word can be several such orfogramm.
  • The second option – nonliteral of orfogramm. In this case, is considered a holistic spelling of the word. For example, should I write it separately or together. You may need to put a hyphen? This also applies to the question of how to move words from one line to another.

Secondly, it is important to understand that spelling rules often undergo changes over time. Many of the old rules are replaced by others. Besides, in languages, new words, often borrowed, and they have to create a new norm.

Interesting fact: after the last reform of spelling rules was greatly reduced. There are only about twenty-seven. However, this is not for school students a cause for joy. These twenty-seven rules enable you to understand not all the words. A huge quantity of them is called vocabulary words. This means that to check their spelling using rules impossible. They can only memorize or refer to a dictionary. There are also and speech-exceptions.


How to find orfogramm?

It is now clear that the word refers to orfogramm, but how to find it in the word? As a rule, if the pronunciation does not give a clear idea about writing, then the combination of letters you can make a mistake.

Principal of orfogramm:

  • Unstressed vowels in the root (although there are in other parts of the word),
  • Vowels standing after a Sizzling letters «C»,
  • The soft sign after a Sizzling,
  • Consonants at end of words
  • The particle «not».

For each of these orfogramm there is a rule, and also a large number of exceptions and vocabulary words.

Often, in order to cope with the suddenly appeared orfogramm enough to pick up the word verification. It is a modified form of the current word in which the letter is unclear becomes obvious. So usually check the vowels in the roots and consonants at the end of words.

Consider the common example of one of orfogramm. Say the word an oak, a man hears at the end of the letter p. Consequently, in this word you can make a mistake. How to find out what exactly should be written? Need to change a word. For example, «oak», or simply «the oaks». Here it is clearly audible that after the letter goes in.

Spelling analysis

In order to cope with orfogramm in the word, not just to find her. You need to find the relevant rule and use it. For this you need to be able to produce orthographic analysis. It helps to understand in what part of the word is disputed, and it allows you to choose the right rule.

The spelling analysis includes

  • the allocation of direct orfogramm by an underscore,
  • putting the emphasis
  • identifying parts of speech,
  • selection of test words,
  • choice rules.

Usually, it is sufficient to allocate only that part of the word, which is a direct orfogramm. It can be the root, ending, suffix, or loving the other part. Sometimes teachers are asked to identify all the parts, whether they orfogramm or not.

Often, the difficulties caused by the selection of the test words. It is important to understand that it must be not only cognate, but some retain the original meaning of the concept. When the word verification is detected, it should be written in parentheses.

In order to properly define the rule, you need to know exactly where is what part of the word. Also, of course, necessary to remember all the existing rules. It seems pretty complicated, but you need a bit of time – and succeed.

spelling analysis

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