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Many people wonder, «oblomovism «- what? What is this word and what value it has?

Roman Goncharov’s «Oblomov» does not lose its popularity to this day. An increasing number of people read it regardless of age and social level. In his work Goncharov told about the special phenomenon «oblomovshchina», which can be seen in our time. Everyone is wondering about what is «oblomovism»? Even often asked to write a synopsis in order to study the phenomenon as detailed as possible.

what is oblomovism

In his article, Dobrolyubov said «What is oblomovism» and how it manifests itself in people. DOB noted that the story begins with a description of how it was lying in bed Oblomov. So, readers immediately understand that this is a favorite pastime of the protagonist.

The DOB notes that the sofa and the Slippers are a symbol of laziness referred to in the work. Throughout the story of Ilya Ilyich Oblomov says that he is the Lord, and hence he can lie down and do nothing.

DOB also notes that the circle Oblomov is very narrow, indicating that communication with this person all unpleasant. Throughout the story together with Ilya Ilyich is a male, his faithful assistant. What he wears on his feet Oblomov shoes, feeds him and walks.

«Oblomovism» in the modern world


Currently, a similar phenomenon is often found among government officials and the wealthy. Unfortunately, they believe that they are worthless to do many things. Of course, they have the ability to hire workers, but we cannot forget that each of us must work and be useful to his environment and society as a whole.

It is related to activities in the «oblomovshchina» negative because no one wants to do any business. The lives of people who struck «oblomovism» is flowing by itself. They don’t want to change it for the better, and they do not even want to know that things can be different. It is easier for them to trust all the classes and responsibilities to someone else. Such a society generates lazy and irresponsible people.

Who gave birth to «oblomovshchina»?

Goncharov tells us about why he is became that way. In fact, his parents always protected Elijah from Affairs, and thereby raised to work. The story says that the inability to wear stockings leads to the inability to live.» It is difficult not to agree with this.

Therefore, when parents protect their children from the duties and responsibilities, they may hurt his development. Because of such education for the child:

  • to make decisions independently;
  • to help use;
  • to take on problem solving;
  • be persistent and confident.


Save any «oblomovshchina» love?

In the story of the potters said that one day, Oblomov met Olga Ilinskaya. At first she was urging him to some action, but eventually Ilya Ilyich was previously lazy. Of course, this did not upset Olga, and one day they broke up. She was not able to create around Oblomov familiar atmosphere. But one day Ilya Ilyich met Agafya Matveyevna, who created for him a convenient and comfortable environment. Of course, Oblomov remained in her, because it’s so comfortable. Potters underlines the fact that it all started with «oblomovism», it was over. Unfortunately, in the life of the protagonist, nothing has changed.


Those people who are similar to Oblomov in our time, must understand that it will not lead to good. Therefore, it is necessary to think about the fact that life is fleeting and you need to change it for the better as quickly as possible. No wonder «oblomovshchina» DOB called «sign of the times», because it occurs always.

In a nutshell, the «oblomovism» is a lack in the development of society, and also the lazy people who don’t want to do anything. It is unlikely such a society will be able to become useful to his country. If you notice these traits, try as quickly as possible to get rid of them, and you will notice how life will be better. And always remember that «a rolling stone gathers no moss».

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