What is NFC in the phone?

How to operate the technologies that allow people to communicate, like computers and phones, it is very difficult to understand, if not deeply understand these issues. Many aspects for the common man is the real mystery. For example, what is NFC in the phone?

what is nfc on my phone

On this technology it was possible to hear since 2004, when it was announced. However, despite its considerable age, few people can confidently explain that this is the NFC module?

What is NFC in the phone?

Why was created by NFC technology, you can understand its translation and decryption. In English this abbreviation means Near field communication. If you translate the phrase literally, you get «near field communication», but it’s pretty pointless. Therefore, NFC translated as «near-field contactless communication«.

What is the essence of this technology? With its help, creating a high frequency link with a very limited range. It allows you to exchange data between devices that are not removed from each other by more than ten centimeters.

Contactless card

It is useless to know that this is the NFC module, if you do not understand the concept of «contactless card». The fact that this technology is the extension for these cards.

This concept refers to a contactless device created from integrated or, in other words, chips. They allow you to restrict access to something, and actively used in payment systems.

Speaking of «contactless card», people can think about the initial, now outdated versions, 125 kHz, or modern, which are called RFID cards. RFID system based on radio frequency identification. Thanks to special labels, card data is transmitted using radio signals.

Modern contactless cards can operate in the range from zero to fifteen centimeters. It is widely used by people who do not want to get out of the purses and covers Bank cards and travel.

contactless card

NFC and connectivity

NFC is a technology that extends the capabilities of conventional contactless cards. Thanks to it the device can work with others equipped with such a program. NFC allows you to combine different contactless infrastructure. In particular, it is aimed at mobile deviceslike smartphones. This is used when paying for public transportation, as well as with other payment systems.

Communication NFC chip is provided by magnetic field induction. This can work in two modes.

  • The first option is passive. In this case, the Initiator of the interaction has a bear box, and with whom you need to work in response modulates a different field. The result of this interaction, the second device can take the Initiator of all its power.
  • The second option is active. In this case, both devices one at a time form field. Such requires that each of them had access to the power supply.

nfc support


It is easier to understand what is the NFC on the phone, when you compare it with Bluetooth technology. They both have short range, both are part of mobile phones. However, NFC is much faster establishes a connection with another device. This is achieved by the fact that, unlike Bluetooth, no need for the identification process.

However, the range of NFC is somewhat smaller, the connection can not be established at a distance of about twenty centimeters. Nevertheless, it provides a more serious security.

In addition, this technology works with RFID structures, which are now very common, and the interaction of the devices is possible, even if one of them does not have access to mains power.

Why do we need NFC?

Where is the used chips and modules NFC? The main field of application – mobile phones and tablets. In this case, this technology allows turning the phone into a contactless card. Also, RFID NFC tag, the system is able to quickly read what is often used in interactive advertising.

As a rule, people are, without realizing it, using NFC technology, when:

  • Pay for transport, using phone,
  • Carry out mobile payments,
  • Read RFID tags on the ads.

It is believed that in near future this system will also need to:

  • Purchase different tickets,
  • ID
  • Use as a key, for example, from the machine.


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