What is MDF panel furniture

In any language, you can find a huge variety of abbreviations, the meaning of which is often not known even by those who actively uses these. For example, what is MDF? This word can be found in different spheres of life.

what is MDF

Board materials

As a rule, the abbreviation MDF is used for construction materials. Objectively speaking, such a Russian spelling wrong. The word itself is taken from the English language, where it is written as Medium Density Fidreboard, respectively, the reduction will be MDF. Russian letters can themselves be decoded can not, although some manufacturers of materials and trying to give some of his names, such as Micro Wood Fiber.

If we translate this concept into Russian, you get fibreboard medium density. These plates are created by using a process of dry pressing of wood chips. Under the influence of high pressure and temperature become Board. For the density of the material in it add connection elements, which can be carbamide resins. Their properties change with melamine.

All this allows to achieve very low formaldehyde emission in wood-fiber plate, compared to conventional wood.


History and usage

The founder of MDF, as you can see from the original acronym, are the United States of America. Large-scale production appeared in the sixties, to be exact – in 1996. English speaking countries until the technology came much later. In Russia, industrial production started only in 1997.

Despite all this, a world leader in the production of fibreboard is reserved for China.

The process of creating MDF allows not only to reduce the emissions of formaldehyde in the material, but also give him new useful properties. For example, the plate can become resistant to fire, exposure to biological objects or water.

Generally, this type of material is used for decoration. It is made from wall panels, frequently used in the shopping halls. However, hardboard and make furniture. MDF had a good performance and the quality of the laminate. Also it is used for acoustic systems and items that need carving.

MDF carving

What is MDF?

If you look at the question objectively, hardboard cannot be called MDF. However, the abbreviation used in several cases.

What is MDF:

  • International diabetic (and road) the Federation,
  • The minimum focus distance
  • Moscow house of photography.

The name of the latter, unfortunately, is not true, as in 2003 it was renamed the Multimedia Art Museum or the Multimedia complex of actual arts. However, since 1996 and prior to that date there was the Moscow house of photography, which was the first of its kind in this Museum complex on the territory of Russia.

Moscow house of photography

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