What is marzipan?

Many of us met on the Internet photo is very beautiful and unusual sweets. This is marzipan. «But what is marzipan?» — you will ask. Marzipan – very tasty and extremely healthy sweetness, which is a mixture of almond flour and powdered sugar. Sometimes, instead of powdered sugar you use a sweet sugar syrup.

There is such a variety of marzipan, as persipan. Prepare it the same but replaced the almonds peach pits (hence the name of sweets). Few people know, but the marzipan is very easy to prepare at home.

what is marzipan

Due to the fact that in the industrial production of marzipan used food dyes, the type of this sweetness is very similar to conventional clay, and very beautiful.

In some cases, marzipan called nuts, which is sprinkled with baking. For example, in Russia the stores, you can see the so-called bun with marzipan. In fact this is just a bun, studded with nuts.

Sugar is usually not more than one third of all the ingredients required for preparing this sweet. The structure of the marzipan perfectly formed without any bonding additives, which makes it possible to produce marzipan candies and other sweets.

A bit of history about the marzipan

Reliable information about who and when invented marzipan, no. However, many countries want to usurp the «authorship» of this wonderful delicacy. Among these countries Italy, France, Spain and so on.

However, it is known that marzipan was produced in Persia and the Byzantine Empire about a thousand years ago.

In the 13th century this sweetness became popular in Germany, and after some time in Austria. In these countries, the marzipan was cooking these sweet masterpieces, bringing culinary technology of its preparation almost to perfection.

Unfortunately, in Russia today, manufacturers want to save on the production technology of marzipan and replace this treat is peanut butter, which has practically nothing in common with real marzipan.

the history of marzipan

There are several legends relating to inventions of the Goodies. According to the first legend, in one of the medieval European countries there was a terrible famine. Flour to bake bread was not, and there was only one almond. Almond made a flour and mixed with sugar. So, according to legend, created the first marzipan.

According to another legend, this sweet was created intentionally, created her physician in order to treat mentally ill people. Supposedly the taste of sweetness in patients with improved mood, and they quickly recovered from his mental illness.

Some researchers, though, are of the opinion that marzipan was invented in Italy in the year of crop failure. Products were not any, except almonds. Lived in Italy a farmer who invented not only the marzipan, but almond sauce.

One way or another, but the country in which the marzipan was something of a national sweets, in the 15th century, was Byzantium. After the Byzantine Empire conquered the Turks, they «adopted» from the Byzantines the sweetness, as was captivated by its taste.

Today each of the countries in which prepare this sweet, partially reverses the classical technology of its preparation, and make their «adjustments». For example, in Spain for the preparation of marzipan, except for the almonds, use pine nuts. In Rioja add the lemon zest, and Andalusia until the marzipan adds a sweet fruit. The Dutch add egg white, lemon juice and liqueur (sometimes cognac).

In tsarist Russia, too, did the marzipan, but it was available only for the upper classes and nobility. Then the marzipan was a real exclusive product. It gave the Empress, princes, even the king. And when the Royal family came overseas guests, those were not against to taste this delicious product.

features marzipan

In those days in Russia have learned to make not just pieces of marzipan (similar to plasticine), and practiced making different animal shapes, locks and objects.

His aristocratic marzipan is not lost even today. Still in many countries of Europe to receive a gift for Christmas or New Year marzipan is a great joy.

The use of marzipan

In this candy contains large amounts of vitamin E and this vitamin is a powerful antioxidant which helps to quickly and effectively deal with stress. In addition, vitamin E protects the human body from adverse environmental factors.

In addition to vitamin E, this sweet contains many other useful elements that allow to give the body a boost of vivacity and good mood.

Sorry marzipan

However, this treat in large quantities is not recommended, because, first, it is a very high-calorie product, and secondly, the stomach is difficult to digest. Therefore, to eat a lot of marzipan at a time should not be.

The classic recipe of marzipan

To prepare this sweetness, we need such ingredients as:

  • One Cup of almonds.
  • Half a glass of water.
  • One Cup of sugar.
  • A few drops of almond essence.

The almonds are purchased not roasted. Also, you can substitute almond flour, purchased in a candy store.

recipe of marzipan

Describe each step of the preparation of the marzipan:

  • First you need to clean the almonds from the skin. If you start to do it, then seem very quickly, as just almonds is not cleared. For this, we have to put it in the boiling water and cook on slow fire for at least two minutes.
  • After that the almonds need to cool and clean from the skin. To do this, simply click with two fingers on the nut and peel will go myself.
  • Then the nuts should be washed under running water, then dry.
  • On a hot frying pan, pour not much sunflower or olive oil, wait until it becomes warm and pour our nuts. Fry them on small fire, stirring all the time. We strive to roast the almonds. Our goal is to lightly dry it. Two minutes will be sufficient.
  • Next, we take the blender and put our almonds. Use a slow speed for chopping nuts and turning them to mush, like mashed potatoes.
  • Then you can start cooking the syrup. Half a glass of water, put over high heat and bring to a boil, then add the water sugar. Cook need stirring all the time until the liquid becomes thick. Do not try to cook syrup caramel. If we did everything right, then, scooping up a little of the syrup, you can roll him the ball.
  • Then in a sugar syrup, you must add the almond flour, cook for about one minute, stirring all the time.
  • Then add almond essence.
  • Within two minutes our mixture will thicken and curdle. If not, add a little water.
  • The resulting mass is spread on a table and give it any form at its discretion. The preferred roll out the marzipan «sausage».

Store marzipan is a must in cooking foil.

Thus, you can get an incredibly tasty treat that will appreciate both adults and children.

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