What is a man

Since ancient times, all of us concerned with the question: «What is man?». The people long ago tried to explain the essence of the person and to understand what is its purpose? As a recognized single answer to these questions is still no, it says about the relevance of this discussion today.

what is a man

The universal opinion as to the meaning of human existence does not exist, each person will talk about it in their own way. People’s opinions about humanity depend on the level of their education, empiricism, cynicism, etc.

Ask for the answer to religion

The people who hold the opinion that man is God’s creation are called creationists. They believe that every human being has:

  • Hope in the Lord.
  • Always glorify him.
  • To be stronger than any temptation.
  • To work tirelessly for the common good.

Depending on the religious or sectarian currents, these rules can vary, but most religions agree that in the world there are such truths:

  • Man is God’s servant.
  • There is no sense to doubt the divine power.
  • Death is not the end of the road. Is there life after death and man will be condemned by God. Depending on their deeds in life, will be determined by the Creator either in Heaven or in Hell.

modern man

Therefore, creationists believe that each person has a soul, and it means that in life it is your unique spiritual path. If he always lived in good conscience, helped family and was devoted to the Lord, his heavenly life after death, and Vice versa. The torments of hell is what is awaiting the sinner. Like it or not, hard to say, because it is impossible to assert with confidence something that is impossible to prove or disprove scientifically. Therefore, we will now consider how human nature defines science.

The person as object of science

Unfortunately, for a very long time, people stopped in their development because of the fact that most scientists could not continue to do science, because they feared persecution by the Inquisition. It was dark times in the history of the world and science. For this reason, the alternatives in the interpretation of human nature was not. Other thoughts are simply not allowed. Those who dared to put forward such ideas were called heretics and killed.

The person as object of science

Today in the age of scientific progress, we can look at man from the perspective of different Sciences, not fearing not only for their safety, but for that we will be ridiculed. Summing up the achievements of all of the human Sciences, we can distinguish the following main points about the people:

  • Man is a higher Primate.
  • People are one of the few in the animal world, who has the associative thinking.
  • Man is the highest product of the evolutionary process.
  • People – the crowns of natural creation.
  • Modern man appeared as a result of genetic mutations. That is, it is the result of natural selection.

In the theory of Charles Darwin has plenty of critics, but none of them still has not offered his own theory that has fewer drawbacks. Anyway, the bulk of critics of Darwinists is mentioned above, creationists. They argue that only God could create man in its present form. Creationists are ardent opponents of any scientific doctrine of man, especially biological.

It should be noted that people look to science was made possible and popular due to the separation of Church and state in the first half of the 20th century on the initiative of the socialist party.

Darwin says man

Darwin was the first biologist who compiled the research and development of ideas about man and led a unified theory. He called it the theory of natural selection. The more scientific discoveries done in the area of biology and genetics, the more scientists have confirmed this theory. It becomes apparent that man is indeed a product of evolution. It turns out that people weren’t always like what we have now, and bought their biological and psychological traits in the course of a long progressive development.

How philosophy explains man?

Evolutionists claim that modern man is the result of a long adaptation of a humanoid Primate to the external environment. Thanks to natural selection, which took place in conditions of competition, was formed. Philosophers think that all this sounds anything but fun, and very depressing. What philosophers have offered the world the theory of person who is more optimistic. However, in the same philosophy of no universal theory, which would be shared by all. Everyone can choose the one that he likes.

Philosophy and man

There is the view that life is bad luck, and people in this life are only minor specks do not affect the universe in any substantial way. Therefore, people have to adapt to new conditions.

There is another opinion, according to which life is a platform of opportunities and people – those actors who seek to realize their capabilities based on their needs. Thus, man can and should be continuously improved, because the only way he will be on the road to development. Self-development is available to all people, but some do not aspire to such a process due to various reasons. Someone just lazy, who is afraid to exert himself, and sees opportunities for self-realization. Actually, it’s all empty excuses. No wonder people say: «Who wants to – looking for opportunity, and who does not want – is looking for a reason».

Man became thirsty for self-knowledge many years ago. With the development of science knowledge of man multiplied, but the answer to the question of what or who is the person, has been received. Moreover, the more knowledge about people has become available, the more new questions. All of this suggests the importance of processes such as self-development and self-improvement. Perhaps soon, people really will cross the current stage of development to another, higher. It is likely that in the coming years, humanity will come in contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. That’s how philosophy describes the meaning of human life.

People is a project of a different mind?

There is a theory according to which humanity is a global project of the mind, by several orders of magnitude higher than ours. «Creator» people don’t necessarily have a God, about whom is written in the Bible.

Supporters of this theory believe that man was created in the result of well-planned experiment.

the human mind

All on-to a miscellaneous imagine the «father of the experimenter». Someone thinks that there is a God, someone, as there are those who believe that humanity is a project of the aliens. Like it or not, it is impossible to tell, because the arguments fully prove or deny this theory, no.

And we can only speculate about who we really are.

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