What is luxury

In our time, was very important to use in your communication «trendy» words. They are really today a lot, and every modern man should know not only their name but also refer. One of the most popular today is the word «luxury». What is luxury? Let’s face it. This English word Luxury means «luxury», «luxurious», «rich».

what is luxury

As Russia seeks to stay ahead and on a par with Europe, the use of Russian words such as «beautiful» and «expensive» is not accepted, it is much easier to say «luxury fashion» than «expensive clothes».

Today’s youth already know what luxury means, and tries to use that word in any situation to Express their delight. Everyone’s probably already seen this comparison, but don’t fully understand its designation. This article is specially designed to direct the flow of thoughts people in the right direction, and finally understand what the word means luxury, and what it all consumed.

What can be called «Luxury»?

Luxury apartments

Today with the word «luxury» is almost everything, today’s youth can use it in such sentences:

  • Luxury apartments.
  • Laksheri car.
  • Luxury clothes.
  • Laksheri hotel.

Any option of luxury living can be called in one word «luxury». No need to pick up a lot of synonyms to Express my admiration of what he saw. Just say «luxury» and everyone will understand what you mean.

Luxury only for the elite

In the modern world really is a luxury to live can only people high elite, only they can use such a word, describing the living conditions, leisure and appearance these people. In our time, we have to watch the sarcasm around the words we used to use it even when everything is exactly the opposite. For example, if you have parked the car «the Zhiguli» or «Lada», the driver of an expensive Lexus or BMW with a sneer to say: «this is luxury».

Luxury car

It’s only early in the world used words and phrases that really had a direct designation. Today they can show:

  • A real delight.
  • Mockery.
  • Hidden envy.
  • Emotions.

If the literal translation of «luxury» in English, it means nothing more than luxury and comfort, but to really understand the person that uses this definition, you need to pay attention to the situation in which heard the word «luxury». Every day on the streets of Russia and other countries, we increasingly notice use of the word «luxury» in different interpretations, therefore, must learn to recognize them.

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