What is love?

What love is — it question to answer in a few words is impossible, this feeling has many faces. Not everyone will be able to explain what he feels the word «love» because it is different.

What is it like?

What love is

Man cannot live without experiencing such feelings as love, many may not know the love of the opposite sex, but the parent and children, it is common to all. Yeah, the feeling is of three kinds:

  • Descending love (parents) — it gives more than it receives. It can be expressed in respect for elders, protection of the weak, that is taking care of the middle. Also its person can experience to the animal, beloved pet.
  • Rising — she gets more than it gives. The kind of love experienced by the children to parents, younger to older, to God her lot may have for deceased ancestors. But such feelings can experience not only the people, the animals feel toward their patrons.
  • Sex — it gives as much as receives. It is typical of lovers and spouses to each other, symbolizing the ideal relationship between partners.

What it is like?

What it is like?

  • Obsession is a feeling of passion, which is very instantly lit up in person and just as quickly goes out. Obsession can turn into love, and may remain a passing fad.
  • Empty love — this category can include the bond of marriage not only of convenience, but a cold-blooded decision that people make after weighing the pros and cons of entering into a marriage.
  • Meaningless — it can lead to hasty marriage, when a young couple on a second date ready to marry, but in most cases, after a time, end in divorce.

What should consist of the love couples in love?

What should consist of the love couples in love?

According to the theory of psychologist Robert Sternberg, she should consist of three components:

  • The closeness and mutual support is the first component of feelings. The longer lovers live, the more they grow closer and their relationship becomes stronger. In a quiet life it is not manifested as strongly as at times in the crisis situation when the lovers have to overcome all the difficulties together.
  • Passion (sexual attraction) is the second component, the beginning of a relationship lovers, it is at the highest point. If one of the partners of the pair will begin to experience the passion towards the stranger, then love will come to an end.
  • Commitment — this means not only the need to store each other fidelity, in everyday life, they also exist and many couples because of the violation of the obligation part.

So, the question of what love is, we can say unequivocally is the sea of feelings, emotions, tenderness, care and responsibility. Take care of love, because it is easy to lose.


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