What is louboutins?

Women’s shoes can truly be called a work of art. Sandals, ballet flats, shoes, clogs – which only models are not invented by experienced designers. Recently, a special popularity among women purchased louboutins. What is louboutins? This designer shoes with red soles, developed by Christian Louboutin and are named in his honor.


Story designer

The future fashion designer since childhood was breathless at the sight of women’s shoes. Sitting in the classroom in the school, Christian Louboutin was sketching, the sketches of shoes. He made the debut model of shoes in 16 years. While the young designer knew that the shoes should be not only beautiful but also practical. He admired the shoes of dancers and took them for a basis of model. But Louboutin know that these boats heel, it is not possible to go through the whole day because my legs are really tired. Therefore, a Christian seriously engaged in the development of comfortable shoes with heels, women will be delighted. And he did it.


The developed models have a great view, comfortable Shoe, and the heel stable. By the way, the heel height was 12-13 cm, but ladies do not complain of heaviness in the legs or other discomfort. The secret of shoes with red soles that it is dramatically convenient. Sole height 4 cm takes in all the discomfort when worn, pressure on the foot there. In appearance, shoes do not. But, trying on louboutins and passed them a few meters, ladies delighted to say that it’s not them walking on the street, and magic shoes bear them away. Louboutins many compare with pumps or ballet flats, which can easily become your favorite everyday shoes any woman. But she will be in them sexy!

Christian Louboutin manufactures shoes only from natural materials. The course is leather and suede, and satin for upholstery of models.

18 years old Louboutin began working in the famous fashion house «Yves Saint Laurent» and «Chanel.» It was the beginning of his meteoric career. After 10 years, Christian has presented his own Shoe store. Fashionistas love the new shoes that they saw on the shelves. Fans of shoes Christian gave the shoes named «louboutins», the name of the designer. His collection was bought up in a heartbeat. Women sweep the shelves of the model with red soles.


Red sole

The first louboutins have not had red soles. This happened later. Louboutin tormented by the thought that his designer line is not enough raisins. His eyes fell on the red nails of her assistant. Without thinking, the designer asked for her nail Polish and hand painted the soles of one pair of shoes. Since then, the louboutins have acquired the distinctive red sole. Since 2012, the bar became a staple of his fashion house.

The designer himself says that the secret is not in louboutins red sole. According to him, in these unique shoes, a woman can be charming even without clothes.


Price of louboutins

The cost of these shoes from Christian Louboutin are quite high, it is hardly affordable. The average cost ranges from 700 to 7000 dollars. In Russia the retail price of the «louboutins» is $ 1000, which corresponds to 70 000 rubles. Despite the high price, many ladies want to have is a work of art in a dressing room. The song of Leningrad «Exhibit» did these shoes are a favorite national brand. And now every girl wants to buy a louboutins, this fascination with shoes with red soles had become an epidemic.

Shop Louboutin

Buying louboutins, be careful. Now the market gets a lot of copies, which can not boast of proper quality.

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