What is lol

Today in the world of virtual communication, you can find a lot of words, or rather abbreviations, which contain a specific meaning. Not everyone understands the designation of certain words, therefore, turn to the Internet to clarify certain points. The issue is the word «LOL», which is often used in the context of the conversation. What is a lol and why is it often used? We will try to understand more details.

what is lol

LOL – the word for loud and unrestrained laughter at a person or action, it says that there’s no place to smile, indeed laugh-out-loud hysterical, which is not possible to get rid of. Very often at the time of communication on the network can see the word written in English with capital letters – LOL. It’s even better, because such abbreviations must be capitalized.

The importance of the concept of the abbreviations

Any laughter may be perceived differently and in most cases, LOL is a joke, laugh out loud at the person, which in most cases meant as an insult. But, as a rule, so sharply react to the word «LOL» only insecure individuals who allow themselves to be laughed at by people who even are in the distance.

The meaning of the word «LOL» can be interpreted in different ways, some randomly see symbols as something offensive and humiliating. The thing is that some of the inhabitants of the world wide web» not fully understand these words, they are ready to use them even in places when they are not relevant.

Why you need a network designation

Communicating virtually is very difficult to show his emotions, despite the fact that today there is quite a large number of smileys, sticker, images and pictures. It is much easier to show emotions with such abbreviations as a word LOL.

lol - mockery

Today, these words have gained great popularity because they are:

  • Have a bright character.
  • Completely convey emotions.
  • Easy to use.
  • A large number of them.
  • Easily perceived virtual friends.

The meaning of the word «LOL» is, most likely, positive emotion, anything negative with this kind of «virtual laugh» is not observed. Most importantly, learn to find the right designation and interpretation of such words, and communicate with fans of correspondence on an equal footing, understanding perfectly.

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