What is a lipoma?

People throughout life afraid to know that they have a tumor, considering it a death sentence. In fact, such education can be both malignant and benign. The latter often make people think about what is a lipoma. This is quite a common phenomenon, the main features which you should know.

what is lipoma

Using the name of this disease it is easy to guess what it is. The word lipoma is derived from the Greek term translates as and fat. The fact that these benign growths most often develop from connective tissue – namely fat. Sometimes the disease is called a tumor or Wen.

What is a lipoma?

Such growths may appear on any area of the body. If there is skin, it can be lipoma, and distinguish between single and multiple options. The white bumps appear on the abdomen or lower back, often popping up on the arms or thighs.

There are times when lipomas are formed inside the body, the organs, even the lining of the brain or the mammary glands. Usually this happens after thirty years. Unlike many benign tumors, fatty tumors rarely are themselves.

Having started your peculiar way of life in the loose connective tissue, lipoma can gradually penetrate deeper into the muscles. Finally, she will be able to reach the vascular bundles or even the connecting film of the periosteum.

In addition, the number of injuries and illnesses can adversely affect the lipoma, leading to its malignant transformation. For these reasons, it is important to know all the key symptoms of the disease and methods of its treatment and prevention.


Why start a lipoma?

As in most cases, the appearance of tumors, to identify the causes of lipoma are quite hard. Usually, there are complex disturbances. For example, the disease begins in people with systemic disorders of metabolism of adipose tissue. Found the so-called lipolysis, in which the component under the skin is destroyed.

In addition to fat metabolism, lead to the beginning of the lipoma able diseases of the liver, pancreas and other glands. In particular, the probable causes include an underactive thyroid gland and pituitary gland.

Should pay attention to three likely reasons. First, the lipoma can begin on the background of diabetes. Secondly, it is a complication in the development of malignant tumors in the respiratory tract. Third, the disease often associated with alcoholism. Finally, a number of doctors emit the possibility of transmission lipomas inherited.

How to recognize pathology?

The disease has several varieties, which differ, first and foremost, the location of the tumors. However, they have common features.

  • Education is soft to the touch.
  • Palpation or movement of the affected area of the body is not painful.
  • The tumor moves easily and grows slowly.

Most often the disease develops when there is not enough fat. For example, a lipoma appears at the top of the back, shoulders or hips.

  • Isolated perineural type, in which the disease surrounds the nerves. Only in this case there is pain, and removal is very difficult.
  • Lumbosacral option develops in the spinal canal. Often seen in the background of immature perineural.
  • The disease can occur in the vagina, tendons or joints.
  • Intermuscular lipoma is the result of incomplete removal of the other.
  • Myleoma protrudes above the skin.
  • Angiolipoma are located in the kidneys. The disease is common in older men.
  • Aredolpona in many respects similar to atheroma. In this case, the involved sweat glands.

Symptoms of the disease depend heavily on what is inside the tumor. For example, it will be better than the fatty, fibrous or muscle tissue. Sometimes visible inside the blood vessels.

One of the features of the disease is no change in the amount of Wen for weight loss person. Possible even situations in which it is growing.

the development of lipomas

Diagnosis of the disease

Difficulties in the diagnostic process occur because of the similarity of the pathology with the atheroma. Fortunately, they can still be distinguished. First, the lipoma is located there where there is adipose tissue, and atheroma is concentrated in sebaceous glands. Through it they are plugged, while the disease is subcutaneous education.

To detect the pathology that develops in the internal organs, used ultrasound and x-rays and soft rays. In addition, you use contrasting gas and computed tomography. The latter allows you to obtain the most accurate result, does not confuse the Wen with dense structures.

To begin treatment of lipoma is though, because it is able to increase in size. In addition, advanced cases violate the glands, lead to bruising and necrosis. Education in the fiber, in very rare cases, can degenerate into malignant tissue. With the development in the breast, a possible liposarcoma. This disease is incredibly rare, but very dangerous.


The basics of treatment

The only way to get rid of a lipoma is to remove it. Often this happens through valesiana education is squeezed out through the incision, after which the cavity vystavlyaetsya, the wound is sutured. For such procedures do not require full anesthesia, a local anesthesia. The exceptions are cases where the lipoma is of considerable size – this leads to a need patient in a hospital.

Most modern treatments are lasers, which effectively remove not only education, but also speed healing. This method eliminates the possibility of a return of the disease, and its effects extend most aesthetic.

Sometimes intervention is not required at all, a little education is able to dissolve under the influence of heat. Often a lipoma removed only for aesthetic purposes. The situation changes if there is a suspicion of breast cancer. In this case always carried out the seizure, and is often used sectoral resection.

treatment of lipomas

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