What is libido?

Libido is a term that came out of psychoanalysis, thanks to the work of the famous Austrian psychologist Sigmund Freud. From the Latin word can be translated as «passion», «lust» and «desire». In fact, the practical application of the libido with these words little in common. Freud believed that every person was born with two dominant in his psyche by instincts: life and death. So libido is the life instinct. As for the death instinct, Freud called «mortido».

what is libido

In a broad interpretation of the libido can be considered as sexual desire or the sexual instinct. First, the term originated to describe sexuality in its various directions. According to the founder of psychoanalysis, the libido is the energy that the person shows to all that he loves. So there are different forms of love:

  • Sexual love.
  • Narcissism (love of self).
  • Humanism (love for people).
  • The love for the Motherland.
  • The love of parents.
  • Love of children, etc.

Freud introduced this term into scientific circulation, in order to explain various mental disorders such as neurosis, breach of normal socialization, sublimation and so on.

varieties of libido

It should be noted that Freud was not the first who used the term «libido» in the interpretation of human sexuality. The first mention of the phenomenon of sexuality as sin is present in the writings of Augustine the blessed.

The libidinal theory of socialization Freud

Socialization is the process of formation of the person. Simply put, it is the process of «entering» of a person in a particular society. If the normal full development of the child, socialization is successful, which means that a person will have a normal psyche.

libido and love

According to psychologist Freud, socializers, a person goes through five basic stages:

  • Oral – the beginning of life up to six years. Baby feeds on mother’s milk and gets pleasure during feeding.
  • Anal from a half to three years. The child gets pleasure when urinating and excretory activities.
  • Phallic – three to six years. At this age, the boys formed the so-called Oedipus complex, girls have Electra complex. According to Freud, children at a subconscious level there is a sexual attraction to parents of the opposite sex, and with it, there is jealousy. Guys jealous mothers, and girls, respectively, and parents.
  • Latent – from six to twelve years. The child actively explores the world, absorbing as much information as possible about it. Also, he tries on a variety of social roles. Most often, this is done during the games. For example, girls play «daughters-mothers» and boys in «war games».
  • Genital – twelve years to the end of life. Man, after this age, sees himself as a human being with the instinct of reproduction.

At each of these stages has its libido, that is, his pleasure. If at any phase of development, there was a violation, it can lead to serious mental disorders in the future.

Libido in the Jungian interpretation

Carl Gustav Jung continued the teachings of his mentor Sigmund Freud about libido, making him their additions. According to Jung sexual energy which Freud understood as libido, is the only one of its many parts. He talked about the fact that there is in human psychic energy, which consists of other types of energies, one of which is libido. It turns out that Freud saw in this period a lot more than Jung, giving him a dominant position in explaining human beings.

violation of libido

Thus, every man has his libido. Someone is pronounced, and someone «sleeps». Anyway, sexuality has to find his own way out, because if this doesn’t happen, people will be more subject to all sorts of stress, depression and neuroses.

Let’s talk about how to awaken libidinal energy in man.

Ways to «Wake up» your libido

Unfortunately, often we are faced with a number of challenges that prevent the disclosure of our sexual energy. As a result, we have sexual frustration and, at best, bad mood. Unopened libido means that a person cannot fully relax in bed. Why this occurs? The reasons can be many: poor sexual compatibility of partners, lack of confidence in their own attractiveness, shyness, stiffness in a moment of sexual intimacy and so on.

the differences of the male and female libido

Women much harder than men. They are more demanding to your partner, feel more responsibility for the result of the process and are willing to make compromises for the sake of getting pleasure both. About men do not. Therefore, with problems unsolved libido women face more often.

One of the main reasons for this is lack of foreplay before sex. The female brain is arranged in such a way that, in order to turn it off and completely surrender to the senses, you need a lot of time. What can be said about the representatives of the stronger sex. This fact has been proven by sexologists already many times. For example, the American sexologist from Toronto, Meredith Chivers conducted a study that suggested men and women viewing erotic video in order to trace in them the period of genital arousal. So women to get aroused from viewing erotica, it took much more time than men, which began to be violated almost immediately.

Another common cause of sleep libidinal energy in women is a long – term hormonal and psychotropic drugs. This can have a significant impact not only on the woman’s attitude towards sex and sexuality, but also to change her psychological well-being. Therefore, if after taking such drugs, you are faced with the problem of lack of sexual desire or even complete apathy towards this, be sure to consult your doctor about the replacement this medication to another.

libido and its features

Lori brotto modern psychologist, dealing with the study of sexual energy, has developed four rules, the observance of which helps the woman to «Wake up» your libido:

  • Meditation. The essence of the method is to learn to concentrate on the future location. And it can be done with any object. Laurie herself, brotto advised to take the coin. Roll it, examine all sides of it. At the same time, if you’re distracted by anything, try to concentrate on the coin. All this must be done in order to time intercourse to enhance sexual energy, and this is possible only in case, if you exclude all environmental factors that you can think of at this moment.
  • Body. Will look into it. Most importantly, do not give any evaluation. Forget all your thoughts about what you like and don’t like about your body and the body of his partner. You only have to think about the fact that you are a woman and your partner – husband. Lori brotto recommends that you take a small mirror and use it to see all the areas of my body. Do not forget that you must not give yourself any value judgments.
  • Self-hypnosis. This method should be interleaved with the previous one. The difference is that after considering myself in the mirror, you have to convince yourself that you are sexy and desirable. Stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself: «I’m beautiful, I’m sexy, I’m desirable». The more you repeat these words, the faster they themselves believe.
  • Create the harmony of body and soul. For this, you have to achieve sexual arousal on their own. To use for these purposes can any ways and means. For example, use a vibrator, watch porn, write about his erotic fantasies, in General, to do everything that causes you sexual arousal. At the same time, your partner should not be there, because harmony can only be achieved alone.

the concept of libido

Thus, following these rules, any woman can make themselves available for the sexual pleasure, revealing the energy of his libido.

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