What is INN?

In the modern state system to live, not knowing what is was, is almost impossible. The need to obtain such documents are often occurs suddenly, leading to several problems. It is better to understand the question, what are these securities and why they give.

what was

What is INN?

The acronym stands for taxpayer identification number. Essentially it is a digital sequence that the state system used to account for taxes. At some point, almost everyone can be assigned such a room, it is available to individuals of various types.

INN has been actively used in the nineties. Since 1993, he began receiving a variety of organizations, and four years later they were joined by numerous individual entrepreneurs.

Finally, at the end of the century, in 1999, entered into force Tax code of the Russian Federation. This codified act established a system of fees. It required individuals also get their own INN.

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Which means INN?

Through legislative acts, was formed four main groups of such rooms. The first refers to the physical representatives. This is the document, which is familiar to most working people. In this case the number consists of twelve digits.

  • The first two is the code of a particular Federal subject of Russia.
  • The next two digits – designation of tax inspection.
  • Then there are six digits are the number of direct person.
  • Finally, the last two are also called «targets». They are used in order to check whether the entry is made.

Stands as the most common sequence was, but there are still three other species. For example, a special identification number given to business owners. Such certificate shall be granted if in the hands of the person it already is, but in a different format. The entrepreneur will need to apply to this document.

Everything is a bit different when documents are prepared for legal entities. These numbers are formed from the ten digits.

  • The initial two again indicate code of the Russian Federation. Is sometimes used combination 99, if you want to specify mezhregionalnoe.
  • Then there are two digits that define a specific inspection.
  • After that are five digits that is the number in the bin.
  • Finally, the combination ends with one check digit.

So look the most common types of rooms and taxpayers. However, such documents since 2005 were issued for foreigners.

  • Them was necessarily begins with the sequence «9909».
  • Then there are five digits that represent a foreign organization.
  • The combination ends with one check digit.

Thus, the appearance of numbers can be defined, to whom it was issued.

The appearance of the document

When a man gets his own INN, it is not hard to see that on paper provided not just a specific room. The document itself is a beige blank A4. Earlier variants were produced pink or yellow, but is now used exactly beige.

What is stated in the document was prescribed in the relevant orders. For this reason, on paper there:

  • The name on the passport of the person who receives the identification number;
  • Gender;
  • The city where he was born, and the date when it happened;
  • The time of issuance of the document;
  • He was, according to which in the future will be the identification.

In addition to the printed data on the document will be supplied with the required signatures and seals.


How to get a tin?

When man first faced with the need to know what is was and how to get it, it can cause a number of difficulties. In fact, in terms of Internet development to acquire these documents is not that difficult. However, you first need to consider the standard method of issuing INN.

To obtain such a document, you need to visit a branch of the Tax Inspectorate at the place of residence.

  • Please bring with you passport and a copy of all his pages.
  • Will have to fill out a form. Also, you can print it at home and provide already filled in.
  • After sitting in a queue will only apply. As a rule, the production time is five working days.
  • At the designated date, you must come with your passport and get your certificate.

Now this process can happen a little bit easier. The Federal tax service has created its own official website, which is easy to find in the Internet. It has a special section that allows filing an application to receive a taxpayer identification number.

  • Need to find this section, and then fill the available form.
  • Here you specify the passport data, information about residency, citizenship and other relevant facts.
  • In the end, you need to specify the method by which it will be possible to pass information about readiness of the document. Use e-mail or regular.
  • After sending the application, you can monitor its treatment. When the document is ready to issue, receive by mail a corresponding notification. It specifies the place and time when you can pick up your number.

Unfortunately, in order to obtain this paper, you still have to come to the tax. The desired address usually specified in the notification. If it’s not there, you can check where the inspection at the place of residence.

This files most often was made online, the issue queue. If there is no way to attend upon receipt, you must issue a power of attorney and send it to someone who can pick up the document.


Features INN

With a identification tax number today faced by almost everyone, but why do we need this document? Today it is virtually always require when applying for any job, but everyone has the right to refuse it.

Was strictly necessary only for those who work for the state, as well as individual entrepreneurs. However, quite often getting individuals, and are also common situation when the ID is assigned remotely, without the knowledge of the person.

Except civil servants, the process of obtaining a tax number is required for citizens coming from abroad. If they received a temporary residence permit, you have to provide a copy of the certificate or obtain it within a year after entering the country. INN is widely used in the tax field as an analogue of personal data. In case of legal entities, this aspect is mandatory.

Although it looks quite strange, but some religions perceive the tax number as sin. In particular, this opinion of Bishop Diomede, but many other religious representatives believe such a means of total control. However, since 2001 the Orthodox Church in Russia recognized the possibility of using INN.

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