What is information?

A common definition of what information is still not found. Scientists around the world argue about this and trying to find General properties, inherent to this concept. You can only allocate a set of meanings that best fits this definition.

what is information

What is information

The word «information» is of Latin origin, which is based on the word «informatio». Translated into Russian, it means a concept, an idea, etc., This term is used for different fields of human activity. On this basis, and determined its exact value.

So from a technical point of view, information refers to the set of symbols that have specific information. Operatively-search activity under this term understand the details regarding events, actions, biographies, the nature of their interest. In everyday life this word is used to summarize a range of information. News, gossip, prices in the shops, anyway, can be called information.

the exchange of information

Info property

The General concept of «information» is taken to confer the following properties:

  1. Completeness. This property reflects the complete information about a particular object or process.
  2. Relevance – correspondence of the information received, the requirements that puts people in a given period of time.
  3. Reliability. This assumes that there are no hidden errors. Gradually over time, the accuracy of the information may be lost.
  4. Accessibility – the ability to obtain the necessary information.
  5. Relevance is subject to the specific information needs of the user.
  6. Information security – the inability of its external use, or alteration by third parties.
  7. Ergonomics is a property that indicates the convenience and completeness of the requested consumer information.
  8. Memorability – the ability to remember this information, regardless of source.
  9. Transmission. The use of different communication channels for data exchange. When transmitting information, its quantity remains unchanged.
  10. The reproducibility. This property is directly related to the transmission of information. It shows the inexhaustibility of the information available. This means that after copying the identity information remains unchanged.
  11. Preobrazhensky proves that information is able to change forms and ways of existence.
  12. Erasing the information associated with its transformation as a result of which its value tends to zero.

What is information

On the basis of each individual case, we use the information to calculate the amount of money needed for shopping, the detention of the offender, the choice of clothes when leaving the house, etc. In a broad sense, we need to be able to interact with the environment.


Data is everything – the air temperature outside the window, the sounds, colors, images, etc. in that case, if there is a possibility of sharing with other people. Storage media can be any objects, sounds, temperature, any substance, regardless of condition, etc. Among native media magnetic tape, punch cards, etc.

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