What is included in the scope of the policy?

Even if in everyday life people very far from politics and all that goes with it, he still, in one way or another, facing her. In particular, at school at lessons of social science and history, we must understand this concept and to find out what is included in the scope of the policy.

what is included in the scope of the policy

What is politics?

For a start, it is necessary to delve into that at all is politics. What does this word mean? In translation from Greek it means «state activity», and that this can be regarded as interpretation. This concept implies the functioning of state authorities and public administration, as well as various events of life, which somehow affect the job.

The functions of the policy include the realization of the interests of social groups (those which, in the opinion of the government, significant), the regulation of social relations, conditions of labor and production, maintaining the continuity of development and innovation, as well as the maximum elimination of social contradictions.

We can distinguish several types of policy. Depending on the target sphere, klassificeret economic, social, military and other options. By its nature, a policy may be progressive or reactionary, and from the point of view of scale, external and internal.


What is included in the scope of the policy?

To answer the question, what is included in the scope of the policy, you can use interpretation in social science. According to this science, and this sphere composed of common interests and goals of the societies, as well as rules which are distributed between people and their functions.

You can give another answer. For example, the policy consists of relations between countries, peoples and economic interests. Thus, the Central components can be considered the economic, social and national relations. In addition, you can add the security of countries and people, as well as demographic issues.

The political sphere can be divided into external and internal. Usually when someone says about politics in a professional manner, he has in mind is an external component. It implies a international situation, relations between countries and international organizations. Generally considered the ratio of two specific parties who can be friendly, hostile or neutral.


Domestic policy

Quite a complex subject is an internal component of the policy. It is considered that the different relations are impossible without laws direct and control the execution of these laws. Internal policies specify certain areas that citizens are forced to adhere to.

From the official point of view, the scope of the policy includes the guarantee of the rights and freedoms of the individual, the ability to resolve various social aspects. However, for the most part, domestic policy focused on the management of key structures within the country.

With this sphere is solved, what should be legal and what is outlawed. How it should be punished those who transgress the law? What structures and enterprises can be private individuals, and which must remain in the possession of the state?

In addition, domestic policy concerns include the distribution of funds to public servants, social payments, taxes and the General development of culture.

If we turn to the most General definition, we can assume that the scope of the policy includes:

  • Determining the state form,
  • The decision of the state task
  • The choice of direction of state activity.


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