What is hyperbole in literature, that in the Russian language, mathematics

In the Russian language a lot of different slovooborotami and techniques that allow you to make it better. One of these is hyperbole. It is also a word you often hear in other industries. Let’s deal with the question of the hyperbole — what is it?

Hyperbole in the Russian language

Hyperbole in the Russian language is a way a vivid expression of something. It is based on excessive exaggeration and expression. The person using hyperbole can Express their feelings, emotions, desires, and much more.

what is hyperbole

For example, the expression «sea of tears» does not mean that the sea is made of tears. It means that someone cried too much. This expression is hyperbole.

Why the need for hyperbole in the Russian language?

Thanks to the hyperbole we can make your speech richer and more beautiful. Sometimes people can’t transmit any information without the use of hyperbole. In colloquial speech it is often expressed in folksy terms.

Hyperbole in literature

With regard to the use of hyperbole in the literature, it is usually represented in the form of words, and literary turns. Often the authors of literary works use hyperbole they come up with on their own. Without the use of hyperbole literature seems dry and bland. Usually hyperbole combine with stylistic techniques to increase the effect.

Sometimes you can hear about hyperbolic situations. This means that the situation was too embellished. Very often the hyperbole is used in the songs, making them enjoyable to read and original.


Hyperbole of mathematics

Hyperbole is also used in mathematics. It means the graph of inverse proportionality. It differs from the hyperbola of direct proportionality in that it has two parts. They are called branches.

If the function y=a/x «a» is greater than zero, then these branches will be located in the first and third parts of the hyperbola. If the value «a» is less than zero, these branches will be located in the second and fourth part.


Also hyperbola in mathematics has a definition, which suggests that it is the geometric place of points in the Euclidean plane. For these points the value of the difference of distances from the foci is constant. Also hyperbole is a set of points that is obtained by dividing a circular cone by a plane. The section may be a parabola and ellipse. The shortest distance between the two parts hyperbole is called the axis. The middle of the largest axis, called the center. The axis is called the imaginary straight line which passes through the center of hyperbola and perpendicular to the real axis.

Thus, we can conclude that the definition of the hyperbola may be different depending on what region it applies to: literature, mathematics or Russian language. But in any case, hyperbole is an important component.

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