What is HYIP?

In the field of Internet is increasingly heard the term «HYIP». Many people don’t know what that word means, others wonder what the hype project. It is worth to learn more about this new concept to understand when it is appropriate.

what is HYIP

What is HYIP?

Although this word is quite new, now find its meaning even in dictionaries. Russian-speaking people have borrowed this concept from the English language. There exists the word «hype», which translates as the hype. Kind of like the value exists in the Russian language.

What is HYIP? It’s called noise, which arises in the media or just the circles. In other words, it is enthusiastic rumors about some person, group of people or phenomenon.

In modern slang the word hype can have not only positive definition. Any violent reaction around anything, even the universal hatred can be called HYIP.

It is necessary to understand that such hype in the rap. In General, the meaning of the word will be saved, but there is one difference. If the usual hype that appears on some issue, this process is quite natural, hype, rap is a marketing ploy. Rumours are created on purpose, often they are not the truth, but they were invented for additional advertising.


HYIP project

A lot of people, especially young people, know what is HYIP, however, the concept of HYIP-project is something completely new and incomprehensible. It is understood that this phenomenon has very little to do with the interpretations described above. The fact that in this case the word HYIP, and not hype, and it stands for High Yield Investment Program. Some even prefer to use that concept as hip or Chi-IP.

Thus, the name «HYIP» received fraudulent project that resembles an investment Fund and reflected in the transcript. As a rule, he works in online mode, using the electronic currency.

Fraudulent investment projects may be referred to as financial pyramids. They are in the house that the income provided due to the emergence of new cash from other people. That is, the project participants invest money (often older members) and themselves have to make a profit from people who would later become part of the pyramid.

The meaning of this fraud is that promised to pay fabulous sums to all participants of HYIP-project is deliberately impossible. Nevertheless, people are going to like, and subsequently, the pyramid quickly fades along with all the money, the source of which is often fictional.

HYIP project

Features HYIP funds

As a rule, such projects promote the income from 1 percent to 3 percent per day. Depending on what purpose they were created and how skillfully promoted, their shelf life can be up to 9 months.

There is a kind of HYIP project called rapid. It promises its investors of up to 50 percent on the day, however, and it disappears in record time.

Almost any Ponzi scheme is guaranteed by the fraud, however, still a number of signs that help in this once again to make sure.

  • For example, if the project pays special attention to the belief of people in the integrity of the process, the refund guarantee, it may indicate fraud.
  • Free cheese only in a mousetrap – too high promised income almost always is a deliberate lie.
  • It is advisable to check a variety of information about investing. Very often objects are fictitious, but the organization does not have any details of addresses and phone numbers.
  • In addition to these data, it is necessary to verify the existence and authenticity of documents and licenses.
  • If the system of payments is too complicated or unclear, it is probably a Scam.
  • You should not believe any word, if somewhere there was a phrase that «this investment is an exclusive opportunity.»

HYIP shahraystva

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